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Melissa Fumero Had A Crush On Her Husband

Melissa Fumero

The stunning man who makes Mariah Carey fall in love at the end of her “Honey” video has wed Melissa Fumero.

And after the video was made public, she, like everyone else at the time, started to develop feelings for David Fumero. She had a long-standing crush on him, but when their relationship first started, she had no idea who her future spouse was.

Melissa had a major crush on David and would become furious if she couldn’t see him on television. When David finally appears, MTV abruptly ends the tape, which annoys her. When she reached the legal age of consent, she declined to date actors despite having a serious crush on the actor.

She addressed this in an interview with Steve Harvey in October 2017. Harvey was informed of Melissa’s “never date an actor rule” when Melissa said, “I did have reservations about dating an actor.” She didn’t, however, offer a detailed justification.

As a result, she was reluctant to go out with David when they first met. She knew he was a model and an actor, but she was unaware that he was THE man from the video. Harvey was surprised when she was questioned about it. Melissa, however, affirmed her account of the events.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress said, gesturing to stills from the movie being shown to the studio audience behind her, “I had no idea this was the situation I was in. When she finally saw the man she had a crush on since she was 13 years old, Harvey couldn’t believe she hadn’t recognized him.

The host continued to make fun of it by asking Melissa if she had noticed her husband without a shirt on. Melissa could only mutter in response. Two months later, through a casual conversation on a date, she found out she was dating her childhood sweetheart.

David mentioned in passing that he appeared in a Mariah Carey song. Then it finally hit her. Did you appear in the Honey video, she asked him.

At the conclusion, were you on the sand? He concurred. Melissa stated she hastily excused herself to the bathroom to regain her composure after being stunned and enraged by the finding. She claimed that she made an effort to downplay it by enquiring about Mariah once she got back from vacation.

Marriage Life of Melissa Fumero

On December 9, 2007, Melissa and David were united in marriage. They have been together for far longer than their 15 years of marriage.

They currently have two kids. Son Enzo Fumero, the couple’s first child, was born on March 24, 2016. She announced Enzo’s arrival on Instagram and called him the “sweetest face” she had ever touched. Melissa made her second child’s impending arrival public in November 2019. On February 14, 2020, she gave birth to Axel Fumero, her second child with her husband. His arrival made Valentine’s Day her favorite occasion.

She had two extremely different experiences with her two kids, Melissa. While she was with Enzo, her loved ones were all around her. Axel, however, was a plague baby. She reflected on the adjustment to parenthood after the birth of her son by saying, “We got so much support.” Friends, her in-laws, and her family were all pitching in. On the other hand, when Axel showed up, everything stopped.

Melissa declared, “David and I were completely on our own.” With two young children, adjusting to a four-person family life has been “both exhausting and scary.” The actress developed a taste for shocks. She and her husband weren’t sure they wanted kids, so when they did, it astonished them.