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Meet Todrick Hall’s Parents: Brenda Cornish, Father, And Siblings

Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall was born to his mother, Brenda Cornish, and his father, whose name is unknown.

Todrick Hall is a singer, choreographer, and YouTuber who rose to prominence after appearing on the ninth season of the American Idol singing competition.

Following his participation in the singing competition, the Texas native’s YouTube fanbase skyrocketed with viral clips that included original songs, parodies, and skits.

Todrick has released four studio albums since making his musical debut in 2008.

As a teenager, the musician began his career. His family and parents must have been completely supportive of his career. But who are the parents of Todrick Hall? Find out more about them in today’s article.

Todrick Hall’s Salary And Career

Todrick Hall has a reported Celebrity Net Worth of $4 million dollars. His fortune is primarily made up of earnings from his work as an actor, director, singer, and choreographer.

Given his various endeavors and reputation in the music industry, Hall’s net worth appears to be completely justified.

In April 1985, the musician was born in Arlington, Texas. As previously stated, he rose to prominence after reaching the semifinals of American Idol’s ninth season.

Hall rose to prominence on YouTube and used his celebrity to land a role on Broadway. In 2014, the talented singer was named to Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 list in the Hollywood category.

As of this writing, the celebrity’s YouTube channel has over 3.5 million subscribers and over 893 million views.

In 2013, the Texas native appeared in a Virgin America pop music safety video. He appears in MTV’s Todrick docuseries, which premiered in 2015.

The multifaceted personality has also appeared on Netflix’s Queer Eye.

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Meet Moher Brenda Cornish, a parent at Todrick Hall. Father Todrick Hall was born to his mother, Brenda Cornish, and an unknown father.

The Wrong Bitch hitmaker was raised as an only child by his mother until he was in his twenties.

Hall’s mother found a new love and married when he was a teenager. The musician gained a step-brother, Shay Hall, and a step-father at that time.

He was more creative while raising Brenda. Furthermore, because the family had twelve nephews and grandkids, Hall felt at ease being like them because his physique constantly changed.

When he was fifteen, the singer came out to his mother and told her who he was because he wanted to date a high school boy. Brenda was initially troubled by her son’s decision. They now talk about everything that happens in each other’s lives.

Hall claims that it was difficult for his mother to comprehend the truth and communicate it to the rest of the family. Having a distinct gender identity stinks the most, especially in African-American culture.

Todrick Hall’s Private Life

The I Like Boys singer came out as gay when he was fifteen. He has expressed a desire to be an inspiration to people of color and LGBTQ people.

In an Instagram post in May 2021, Hall revealed his relationship with model David Borum.

Several former dancers and coworkers on Hall’s YouTube videos and visual albums claimed in 2019 that he never paid them for their work. Todrick has denied these allegations.

In 2019, Hall’s former assistant made public allegations that the Dem Beats hitmaker was involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit and had witnessed predatory behavior.

The accusations were repeated in 2022, following Hall’s contentious debut on Celebrity Big Brother.

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