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Meet Bruno Guimarães Parents, Dick Gomez And Marcia Moura | Wiki And Ethnicity

Bruno Guimarães

Bruno Guimares’ father, Dick Gomez, works as a cab driver. Marcia and Dick, Bruno’s parents, performed a variety of blue-collar jobs to support their family while maintaining a middle-class lifestyle.

Bruno Guimares Rodriguez Moura, a Brazilian professional footballer, was born on November 16, 1997, and has played for Newcastle United in the Premier League as well as the Brazil national team. Bruno Guimares, from the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of So Cristóvo, completed his training at Audax.

He made his professional debut on April 9, 2015, playing the final three minutes of the latter’s 2-1 Campeonato Paulista away win against Bragantino. After making an impression at the Copa So Paulo de Futebol Junior that year, Bruno Guimares was promoted to the starting lineup for the 2017 season.

More about Bruno Guimares’ Father, Dick Gomez, and His Mother, Marcia Moura

Bruno Guimaraes Rodriguez Moura, the son of Marcia Moura and Dick Gomez, was raised in a variety of ways by his parents. Dick Gomez and Marcia Moura were the owners of a middle-class family house. Bruno Guimares’ parents provided for their family by working in a range of low-wage professions.

They have great faith in their son, who plays football. Dick Gomez, Bruno Guimares’ father, is a cab driver. He was well-known for his use of yellow taxis. Dick was behind the wheel of a cab with the license plate 39. The happy father believes that the number 39 is lucky for his family. Marcia Moura, Bruno Guimares’ mother, used to sell motorbike parts. She works in sales to augment her husband’s meager earnings.

Bruno Guimares Ethnicity And Family

On November 16, 1997, Bruno Guimares was born. Bruno Guimares Rodriguez Moura is his full name. He was born in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. His parents, Marcia Moura and Dick Gomez, gave birth to him. He, too, is of Brazilian descent and white ancestry. Bruno has a Christian spirituality and was born under the sign of Scorpio.

Bruno Guimares weighs 74 kg and measures 1.82 meters (6 feet and 0 inches) tall. His physique is athletic. His gorgeous brown eyes pop against his black hair. He is in excellent health and has a straight sexual orientation. According to his personal life, he is not married. The Brazilian star, though, is not alone.

Ana Lidia Martins, his great partner, and he have been in an open relationship for a long time. He posted a handful of photos of himself and his girlfriend on social media. On Friday, October 21, Guimaraes, 24, and his fiancée Ana Lidia Martins, 25, welcomed their baby Matteo. Bruno had made an impression in Newcastle United’s 1-0 home victory over Everton just a few days prior.

He posted a photo of the new three-person family on Instagram, along with a lengthy Portuguese statement that read, “Welcome to the world, son!” I am pleased to announce the birth of my first child; it is without a doubt the finest day of my life! Bruno, a midfielder from Brazil, praised his girlfriend Ana, adding, “First and foremost, let me congratulate you on being a warrior both then and now.”

After everything you’ve been through, I was overjoyed to watch you utilize all of your power to get through each contraction, and the love you’ve already showed for our child is incredible. Every day, you make me more proud of the lady you are! “My life’s love!”

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