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Mayeli Alonso Clears Up Cheating Rumors! Her New Husband

Mayeli Alonso

Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife is Mayeli Alonso, formerly Mayeli Rivera. The beauty blogger and her singer ex-husband divorced after more than a decade of marriage.

The official cause for the couple’s divorce was “irreconcilable differences.” However, there were suspicions that Alonso had cheated on Rivera while they were still married.

Mayeli Alonso: Infidelity Controversy

Alonso married the Grammy Award-winning performer in 2006. The couple’s two children are Lupita Karisma Rivera and L’Rey Rivera.

However, the pair filed for divorce in 2018 after 12 years of marriage. Their divorce was claimed as the result of “irreconcilable differences,” but rumors circulated that Alonso’s infidelity was to blame.

The entrepreneur denied the charges and even threatened people who disseminate fake information with legal action on Instagram.

“I totally reject and deny this because it never happened, and they are harming my reputation by undermining my person,” she says.

She stated,

“I’m considering legal action on the matter because there are NO persons close to us who can confirm what never happened.”

Alonso Speaks Out to Dispel Cheating Rumors

The 36-year-old diva confessed to Mamas Latinas in a June 2018 interview that the couple sought a divorce since their marriage had several problems, including a lack of trust.

She also claimed that she had never cheated on her husband and that one of the reasons for their divorce was financial, citing a prenuptial agreement she had signed. However, when Alonso became the family breadwinner, the couple’s relationship began to deteriorate.

She went on to allege that their breakup was precipitated by an argument over an “intimate game.” She stated that the aforementioned game was not as intimate as previously reported.

Alonso, on the other hand, indicated that she felt betrayed and disillusioned when her husband failed to debunk the false allegation that her infidelity was the basis of the divorce.

She is a well-known beauty consultant. Alonso is a Mexican beauty blogger, makeup artist, YouTuber, and entrepreneur who was born on December 1, 1984.

Her job as a beauty blogger and makeup artist has lately grown to include her brand of beauty and fitness items.

She is the owner of two companies: Drama Queen and Evolution Fit. Drama Queen sells cosmetic things, whereas Evolution Fit sells fitness-related items.

The Makeup Artist Is Now Married to Another Singer

After her divorce from her spouse, Alonso found solace in her new partner, Jesus Mendoza. After the beauty guru divorced her ex-husband, the duo began dating in 2018.

Mendoza is a Mexican singer and songwriter who specializes in regional music. He also has a daughter from a prior relationship and is a single father.

After getting engaged in an automobile accident in 2019, they made the news. The mishap was caused by heavy rain, according to sources, and they were fortunate not to collide with other vehicles.

The couple isn’t hesitant to broadcast images and videos of themselves on social media. In 2019, they even celebrated Christmas together, which Alonso characterized as “one of the finest Christmases ever.” She treasured her time with her children, her boyfriend Mendoza, and those she cared about.

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