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Massad Boulos

Massad Boulos

Massad Boulos – Biography

Massad Boulos is a billionaire from Lebanon. He founded SCOA Nigeria PLC and currently serves as the acting CEO of MAGA and KAG. Massad is best known, though, for his friendship with President Trump.

He is also the father of Michael Boulous, who married Tiffany Trump, Trump’s fourth daughter. Here are some interesting facts regarding Trump’s son-in-father.

Quick Facts

NameMassad Boulos
ProfessionBusiness Executive

Facts About Massad Boulos

  • Lebanon is where Massad Boulos was born. Michael’s prosperous father is also a lawyer and entrepreneur.
  • There is no parturition information on the Lebanese Billionaire, but he is Lebanese in terms of nationality.
  • Michael’s father is probably in his 60s, based on his appearance. His true age is not disclosed on any rumor website.
  • We couldn’t determine any of his physical characteristics, including his height and weight, because he has made nearly no media appearances.
  • What Is Michael Boulos’s Father’s Net Worth in 2020? Lawyers and entrepreneurs are worth billions of dollars.
  • However, not to be evasive, there is no publicly available record of his financial assets.
  • Unlike his son, he does not have his own Wikipedia page. There are no wiki biographies of him on the internet, either.
  • Michael’s father can also be found on Instagram at @dr.massaadboulos. Massad, on the other hand, appears to value his privacy, as he has kept his Instagram account private.
  • Massad may also be found on Twitter @BoulosDr, where he recently posted a photo of Michael’s wedding celebration. Unfortunately, Massad isn’t very active on this account either.
  • Aside from his son and himself, none of his remaining family members are well-known. He has also kept his wife’s identity a secret.
  • Michael’s father, Massad, also holds a Juris Doctorate in Law, the highest honorary law degree in the United States.

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