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Mason Reese Net Worth As Of 2022

Mason Reese

Mason Reese was a success thanks to his charisma and distinctive appearance.

Since then, he has diminished in the entertainment sector but occasionally reappears. Everyone is speculating that Reese is Reese’s extremely young girlfriend’s sugar daddy in light of his recent interview with ITV’s This Morning.

Mason Reese, who has a $1.0 million estimated net worth, denies being a sugar daddy. For those who are interested in learning more about the child star’s career, we have information.

Sonia Darrin, an Actress, is Mason Reese’s Mother

On April 11, 1965, in Los Angeles, California, Mason Reese was born. He is the youngest kid born to actress Sonia Darrin and set designer William Reese.

Darrin, who is best known for playing a femme fatale in The Big Sleep, wed William Reese, the head of a marketing services firm. They are the parents of a daughter and three sons. The famous doctor-turned-surfer Dorian Paskowitz is Darrin’s brother.

Mason Reese was brought up in Manhattan, where he went to school and pursued a career in show business.

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As a young child, Mason Reese appeared in commercials.

Reese appeared in approximately 75 ads from 1969 to 1984, three of which are particularly well-known: Underwood Deviled Ham, Post Raisin Bran, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

In the Underwood Deviled Ham commercial, he mispronounced smorgasbord as “orgasmed” and charmed the nation. The best male actor Clio for that commercial is one of the seven Clio Awards his commercials have garnered.

Later on, he would make an appearance on The Mike Douglas Show, serving as a co-host. In addition, he made several other TV appearances, including on The Howard Stern Show.

Reese is no longer employed in the show business. He still frequently appears on panels for GMA, Today, and similar shows in segments about former kid artists, nevertheless.

He was interviewed on ITV’s This Morning in June 2019.

There, he disclosed his relationship with Sarah Russi, an adult entertainment who is 26 years younger than him. Many referred to the five-foot-tall former child star as a “sugar daddy” because of their May to December romance.

Reese still seems to have the same cherubic features that made him famous as a commercial star even in his 50s. Some enquire as to whether he suffers from sickness or disability. However, he has stated in previous interviews that he is simply short and that he has struggled with his enormous weight.

He gave up acting when he was 17 and instead skipped college, went clubbing, got into music as a drummer, and got into accidents. As a result, by the time he was in his early 30s, he was using a cane.

Regarding the wealth he amassed as a young artist, he said, “I squandered a lot of that money. I made purchases and had fun. In my childhood apartment on West End Avenue and 75th Street, I built up a rehearsal space. My bedroom is soundproofed.

I cherished performing live in bars and clubs, which was similar to being in front of the camera yet different. There was no quick gratification with ads.

Restauranteur Reese

Reese has concentrated on the restaurant industry since leaving the entertainment industry. He has owned and runs several eateries, clubs, and pubs, mostly in the New York City region.

Previously, he was the proprietor of Paladar, a Pan-Latino eatery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side that closed in 2011. He also ran the Towbar nightclub on Leroy Street and Seventh Avenue South.

After it shut down in 2005, he opened a short-lived Avenue A lounge in the East Village named Destination Bar and Grille. Even The Luxury Box, his sports bar, shuttered its doors in 2015.

A Production Company Belongs to Reese

Reese hasn’t completely departed the entertainment field, despite the failure of his one attempt to resurrect his acting career with a sitcom pilot. In 2014, he crowdsourced and executive produced the online series Life Interrupted.

In 2014, he also established Borgasmord Productions as a tribute to his endearing and well-known blunder in the commercial. The business creates original television series.

The next year, he established Mason Reese Management, which oversees the careers of new artists.

Here is how Mason Reese stacks up against other young celebrities from his generation.

Former Child Star Net Worth
Drew Barrymore $125.0 million
Brooke Shields $25.0 million
Danny Bonaduce $5.0 million
Corey Feldman $2.0 million
Mason Reese $1.0 million
Todd Bridges $250,000
Kim Richards $100,000

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