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Martha MacCallum | Husband Daniel | Married

Martha MacCallum

As the host of The Story with Martha MacCallum, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum gained notoriety. In 2004 Martha joined the network, having already tied the knot with Daniel J. Gregory.

Daniel, Martha MacCallum’s spouse, has been instrumental in her well-known journalistic and television career. Few individuals are aware of their marital life, despite the fact that they have been married for almost thirty years.

Daniel and Martha MacCallum were married in New Jersey.

On August 22, 1992, MacCallum, a 56-year-old television personality, and Daniel J. Gregory tied the knot in New Jersey. At a secret wedding held at Wyckoff’s St. Elizabeth’s Church, the couple exchanged vows. Their wedding was performed by Joseph Fitzpatrick.

Martha MacCallum, together with her three kids and spouse Gregory

Along with her spouse and three kids, Martha MacCallum citation for Cape Cod Times

MacCallum and Gregory are parents to three children: Edward Reed Gregory, a boy, and Elizabeth Gregory, a daughter. Currently, the five-member happy family resides in New Jersey.

A Snip peek at Martha MacCallum’s spouse J. Daniel Gregory

Vice president Daniel J. Gregory works at Gregory Packaging Inc. in Newark, New Jersey. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Gregory, were from Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Edward Gregory, his father, founded the business and served as its president.

In 2020, Daniel J. Gregory will be 57 years old.

What Is Known About Her Offspring

Elizabeth MacCallum is a graduate of Villanova University. Elizabeth had attended the institution and studied political science. Gregory, her father, graduated from Villanova University as well.

Reed MacCallum, Martha’s youngest child, is a walk-on linebacker for the Notre Dame football team. He is presently a student there. In the past, Reed was a star athlete at Morristown, New Jersey’s Delbarton School.

In an interview with the Indianapolis Star from November 2019, MacCallum mentioned that her youngest kid participates in many sports. She continued by saying that Reed rejected down the chance to play football at Notre Dame despite having other options to do so at the northeastern institutions.

They Own A Massachusetts Home

Although Martha MacCallum and her family live in New Jersey, she also has a home in Massachusetts with her spouse Gregory. The Chatham home was purchased by the husband and couple in 2011. The 1960s-built home underwent several remodels throughout the ensuing several years.

The five-member family enjoys spending their holidays at the home. More precisely, MacCallum’s family has been going there for Thanksgiving. In addition, MacCallum bought a property in Chatham since she had many childhood memories there.

In an interview with The Cape Cod Times, MacCallum said that her parents once rented vacation homes for a few weeks in West Dennis and Chatham. She used to like visiting the Candy Manor and the Cape.

She worked at Thompson’s Clam Bar throughout her undergraduate years, describing it as the happiest summer of her life. MacCallum continued, saying that she had made the decision to live there on her own in the future, and she did.

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