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Mark Wiens | Relationship And Career

Mark Wiens

Among the most well-known food vloggers is Mark Wiens. Mark has amassed over 6 million YouTube subscribers, indicating that he has achieved considerable success.

The YouTuber is content in his marriage and has a happy life with his spouse and son. We’re going to examine Mark’s life in detail today. We’ll discuss his family life and the growth of his profession!

Mark Wiens: Who Is He?

Born on February 26, 1986, Mark is a YouTuber from the United States. Because of his own YouTube channel, he is well-known. In addition to being a blogger, he writes books and enjoys good cuisine.

Although he was born in Phoenix, Arizona, he currently resides in Thailand. In addition, the 34-year-old owns Phed Mark, a Thai eatery.

Mark Wiens’s Private Life: 2013 Married Wife

Mark is currently married to Ying Wiens, his former girlfriend. The couple dated for a number of years before getting married in July 2013.

In the early days of his arrival in Thailand, Mark was hired as an English instructor. This was the period when he initially encountered Ying. The pair originally connected via their love of food and travel.

Mark frequently remarks that his wife is the most incredible person he has ever met. Sincerely, their partnership is a goal in and of itself. Everyone is looking for a mate who is passionate about the same things they are.

Wiens was really fortunate in this regard!

Are There Any Children With The Happy Couple?

Yes, Micah is the only boy that Mark and Ying are proud parents of. On November 12, 2016, the couple welcomed their first child into the world.

First of all, when Mark and Ying traveled to Jordan in March 2016, they discovered they were pregnant. Mark was a little shocked that Ying had developed an intense appetite for additional food.

Ying wanted to find out if she is pregnant or not, so she purchased a pregnancy test kit on their trip to Jordan. She broke the momentous news to her spouse when she discovered she was expecting.

Following their return to Thailand, Mark and his spouse relocated to a larger apartment. Their former flat was quite small, with little room for their happy little one.

Moreover, Mark purchased a brand-new automobile in anticipation of the Wien family’s growth. All because he wanted to be able to move around Bangkok easily with his wife and new baby.

Information About Mark Wiens’s Parents and Ethnicity

Mark is from a mixed-race family; his father is of mixed origin, and his mother is Chinese. He is of mixed European descent from his old man’s side and South Asian lineage from his mother.

Mark had to move around a lot from his early infancy to his adolescence since his parents were missionaries. Mark moved to Albertville, France, with his parents when he was five years old. Later, they crossed the entire continent of Africa to go from Kenya to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

After completing his high school education at an international school in Kenya, he relocated to Arizona to pursue additional studies.

Mark’s Educational Experience

Following his graduation from Kenyan high school, he attended at Arizona State University. He decided to major in global studies. He was working a full-time job about the same time.

Mark had accumulated a substantial amount of savings by the time he graduated. He intended to explore the world with the money. He soon made the decision to travel to South America, with Buenos Aires, Argentina, as his first stop. He intended to enroll in a TESOL course to become an English teacher after arriving in Argentina.

Mark intended to become a teacher of English abroad. He will thereafter be able to tour the world without worrying about money thanks to this.

During his six-month sojourn in South America, he visited Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.

How Did YouTuber Mark Wiens Gain Notoriety?

Following his trip to South America, Mark made the decision to chronicle his adventures on blogs. It was then that he launched his blog, Migrationology.

He authored many pieces over the next two weeks, and then made the decision to purchase a one-way ticket to Bangkok. Mark was running low on money after spending so much time in the South Asian nation.

He then made the decision to put his TESOL qualification to use and worked as an English teacher for around the next year. In the meantime, he was assiduously blogging.

He eventually released his first e-book, Eating Thai Food Guide, after months of diligent effort. Mark was able to manage his finances thanks to the book’s substantial earnings.

The Kindle version of Mark’s book The Ultimate Eating Thai Food Guide (2017 Edition) is also accessible on Amazon. Mark has published several more cookbooks after then.

He met Ying, his future wife, at about the same time. He now has two YouTube channels. His well-known culinary channel is one, while his travel channel is the other. Mark Abroad is the name of his second channel, where he covers all things travel-related. Reviews of lodgings to instilling in us a sense of wanderlust.

What Is The Net Worth of Mark Wiens?

Mark has a $3 million net worth. Although that seems like a lot, his overall wealth is dwarfed by the sheer amount of work that he has put in.

His two YouTube channels, the books he has written, and sponsorships are his major sources of revenue.

Quick Trivia About Mark Wiens:

  • Korean Air is my favorite airline.
  • My top three dishes are Malaysian Ikan Baker (roasted samba fish), Indian goat curry, and Southern Thai sour turmeric soup.
  • He has traveled to more than 40 nations thus far.
  • stands six feet tall.
  • His spouse is a native of Thailand’s south.

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