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Maria Roberta Gherca

Maria Roberta Gherca

Maria Roberta Gherca- Biography

Maria Roberta Gherca is a well-known Italian pole vaulter, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Genzano di Roma, Italy. This amazing young lady is well-known for her pole vault competitions. According to accounts, Maria has also competed in national and international pole vault competitions. She earned first place in the Italian U23 Ind. Ch., Palaindoor Ancona, on February 5, 2022. Her U23 score was 4.22, and she earned 1027 points. Maria has also competed in a number of championships. According to her Facebook profile, she began pole vaulting at a young age.

What is the Net Worth of Maria Roberta Gherca? Salary, Earnings

According to reports, Maria Roberta Gherca lives a rich lifestyle in both Velletri and Rome, Italy. She enjoys traveling extensively. According to accounts, Maria earns money from her competitions and victories. According to sources, Maria’s current net worth is around $1.5 million USD (approx.).

Maria Roberta Gherca- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Maria Roberta Gherca is a gorgeous pole vaulter noted for her exceptional physical abilities. According to her Instagram bio, she engages in a range of workouts to maintain her body healthily and active. She began competing in pole vault competitions throughout her high school years. Aside from that, she is an Instagram influencer with tens of thousands of followers. She also uses TikTok and Snapchat. Maria also devotes most of her time to her athletic endeavors.

On March 9, 2000, a lovely Italian lady named Maria Roberta Gherca was born. Her birthplace is the Italian village of Genzano di Roma. Maria is a passionate Christ-follower. She is of mixed race. Pisces is the zodiac sign of this professional athlete. In terms of her age, Maria will be 22 in 2022. Roberta celebrates her birthday every year on March 9th. Maria’s Facebook profile revealed that she completed her schooling at ITC Cesare Battisti.

According to reports, Maria Roberta is the family’s youngest daughter. Her family is made up of four people, including herself. According to our study, her father, Daniel Gherca, runs a small business in Rome. Mrs. Emiliana Gherca, Maria’s mother, is a housewife who also works as a businesswoman. After browsing over Maria’s Instagram photos, we realized she had an older sister named Daniela Gherca. Let me tell you that her mother graduated from Liceul Tehnoton Iasi. The Gherca family now lives in Velletri, Italy. Maria has also utilized social media to share a large number of photographs with her family. Maria’s social media photographs demonstrate that she enjoys traveling to new places with her family.


She then enrolled at Sapienza Università di Roma to further her degree. She had a strong ambition to compete in pole vaulting events since she was a child. Maria started pole vaulting in elementary school. She is currently one of the most well-known pole vaulters in Italy.

Maria Roberta Gherca- Relationship, Boyfriend

According to reports, Maria Roberta Gherca is an open-minded person. She always lives honestly with her friends and family. She does not, however, reveal anything about her partner or her current relationship status. According to our findings, Maria Roberta is a single woman (as of March 2022). She also shared a lot of photos with her friends on Instagram. We will soon update our page with details on her personal life and current relationship status. She also uses Instagram to share photos of her friends and coworkers.

Maria Roberta Gherca- Professional Career

According to her professional biography, Maria Roberta Gherca is a good pole vaulter. She started pole vaulting when she was a toddler. In addition, Maria has competed in a number of junior championships. She began focusing on her professional sporting career after finishing her higher schooling. According to global athletics, she has also raced for Italy in a number of international tournaments.

She won the pole vault championship at the Ancona Italian Ind. Ch. in February 2017. She has also competed in events like the Pole Vault Challenge, Saronno, and the Italian Ind. Ch., and the Palaindoor Ancona, among others. Maria also showed off her skills at the European U18 Championships in Tbilisi. She is now an accomplished pole vaulter.

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