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Marcus Lemonis Wed At Last! Meet Your New Wife: A Beautiful Blonde

Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World, is a well-known individual who overcame a difficult period in his life and went on to become one of the world’s most successful persons. His career as a businessman, investor, TV personality, philanthropist, and politician seems to have come before his love life.

Although he was spotted giving marriage advice, he ultimately decided to enter into a marriage with his wife, who is 20 years his senior.

What is the Net Worth of Marcus Lemonis? Salary, Earnings

Lemonis portrayed Marc Anthony Lemonis in the 1996 Florida House campaign. Sadly, he was defeated by two-term Republicans by a margin of 42.44 percent to 57.56 percent. He subsequently decided to alter his job and began working at Anthony Abraham Chevrolet in South Florida, where his grandpa owned a car business. When AutoNation bought the dealership in 1997, he worked as a manager for the new owners.

A family friend named Lee Iaccoca came up to him and said he wanted to start the biggest RV chain. Additionally, he served as the CEO of Holiday RV Superstore Inc. from June 2001 to February 2003. The business amalgamated with Camping World after a few years, and then with Good Sam Enterprise in 2011. He was the CEO of both of the new businesses, though.

After that, Lemonis appeared on a few television shows, starting with NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. He was the star of the CNBC program The Profit in 2013. In terms of wealth, Lemonis has amassed around $900 million.

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Where was Marcus Lemonis born?

Marcus Lemonis is a businessman and television personality. He was born on November 16, 1973, in Beirut, Lebanon, amid a civil war. His Greek/Lebanese parents, Sophia and Leo Lemonis adopted him when he was a baby, thus he never got to live with his biological family. Marcus wished her mother a happy mother’s day in May 2017 by posting a photo of him and his mother from their youth.

Marcus had a “difficult childhood,” even though he had a close relationship with his parents. He battled depression, and eating disorders, and even experienced sexual abuse from a member of his extended family. The 45-year-old went back to the Lebanon orphanage where he had resided before arriving in Miami in 2019.

Marcus watched as he surveilled the location in the touching 90-minute documentary that aired as part of The Profit. Marcus was visibly moved as he relived his first memories. He had put off his intentions to go home for years since his deceased adoptive mother had pleaded with him not to.

One can’t help but respect Marcus’ accomplishments thus far given his unorthodox background. He is a firm believer in the maxim “It’s never too early to learn a strong work ethic,” and his business acumen has served him well. Marcus was born in Beruit, Lebanon.

He intends to make a 35 percent profit on a real estate investment for the same reason. However, the shrewd businessman has before encountered a financial catastrophe. In 2009, following the global recession, Marcus faced a liquidity crisis head-on but ultimately prevailed.

Is Marcus Lemonis Married? Relationship

Marcus Lemonis, the CEO, does not frequently make headlines in the media due to his extramarital relationships. However, news about him dating his girlfriend and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel first appeared in the public in August 2015.

Upon hearing the news, a Bethenny-related source said,

“They started dating after meeting during the summer. He is incredibly accomplished, kind, and intellectual. They genuinely enjoy one another.”

Formerly married to Jason Hoppy, Bethenny also tweeted in July 2015 that she liked Marcus.

The two dined together and attended Ron Perelman’s Appollo on August 17, 2015, in the Hamptons. But instead of discussing their relationship, the couple continued on their way. After their brief, purported affair ended, Bethenny started dating Dennis Shield. After Dennis, unfortunately, went away in August 2018, the former couple’s intermittent relationship came to an end.

Just three months after her ex-untimely boyfriend’s passing, a mourning Bethenny began dating Paul Baron, another businessman, and father of two.

Yes! He is wed to a successful businesswoman. In February 2018, Marcus Lemonis and his wife Roberta “Bobbi” Raffel wed in a small ceremony in Los Angeles. Two years before their wedding, Lemonis and Bobbi Raffel connected at the COTERIE trade show while purchasing products for their respective companies.

And a year after they first met, Lemonis proposed to Raffel on Christmas, asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. He revealed:

“As a Secret Santa gift on Christmas, I got engaged. Thank goodness the appropriate person received it.”

Marcus Lemonis And His Wife Bobbi Raffel
Marcus Lemonis And His Wife Bobbi Raffel (Source: TheNetline)

When asked about their initial wedding plans, Marcus revealed to PEOPLE that they had intended to exchange vows in early July 2018 at his second house in Montecito, California, on San Ysidro Ranch. But the wedding was postponed because of mudslides.

The pair were forced to exchange wedding vows in front of a small, close-knit group of guests, including family and friends, at the Hotel Bel-Air. The pair held a lavish pre-wedding event at the Santa Monica Air Museum even before their wedding day, complete with lemon-themed colors and decorations.

The couple decided on the colors white, gold, and silver for their wedding. To make the ceremony something to remember for a lifetime, the couple invited both a priest and a cantor.

Despite having reserved a honeymoon, the couple decided to postpone it because of his demanding filming schedule. They don’t go on a romantic holiday, yet they stay together constantly. Additionally, Bobbi is working alongside Marcus to produce the newest episodes of The Profit.

While Lemonis’s 20-year-old senior wife had a daughter from a prior relationship who has characterized her as her best friend, Raffel is his first wife. The pair celebrated their six-month wedding anniversary, indicating that they are happy in their marriage. On August 18, 2018, Bobbi posted their gorgeous photo to Instagram, quoting,

It’s amazing how quickly time has passed. Six months later, she posted an anniversary message on her Instagram account, saying how happy she was with how their marriage had worked out for her. Marcus followed suit by praising his wife’s womanhood and posting a picture of his wife gazing toward a sunset. Despite having a 20-year age gap, the couple has a happy marriage that they frequently post about on social media.

Lemonis Wife Purchases A Share Of His Company

The trust between Lemonis and his wife goes beyond their romantic relationship. Bobbi invested $1.3 million in 99,094 Camping World shares in March 2019, just over a year after she and her husband tied the wedding.

Marcus still controls 52% of Camping World Holdings, which sells RVs and camping supplies, despite the sizable purchase. It had not been easy for the renowned businessman-turned-TV pundit to run the company. The stock of Camping World ended the year at $11.47, a loss of 74%.

Marcus Lemonis: Is he gay?

Although certainly, he is not gay, there were rumors before his happy marriage. He was the subject of several LGBT rumors in the past, but things have since cleared up. All of the rumors and conjectures were false.

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