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Dr. Manisha Ropeta

Pakistani cop Manisha Ropeta First Pakistani Hindu DSP. A woman fought hard to silence critics who thought women couldn’t become police officers in male-dominated Pakistan. She wanted to shatter the misconception that women can’t be police officers or district court judges.

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Who is Manisha Ropeta?

Manisha Ropeta’s DSP compensation is 50-70,000 PKR per month. Joining will boost her financial worth. As of December 2022, Manisha has 20-25 lakh PKR.

Manisha Ropeta’s Childhood

Manisha Ropeta was born in Jacobabad, Sindh, in 1996. She’s middle-class. She was a doctor-in-training. After failing the MBBS admission exams by one mark, she gave up on becoming a doctor.

Manisha discussed physical therapy school with her family. She studied for the Sindh Public Service Commission exam while obtaining her PT degree. She finished 16th out of 468 candidates on the Sindh PSC exam.

In Manisha’s community, it’s rare for women to pursue advanced education. Her relatives warned her she wouldn’t last long in the police force because it’s hard. She’s proven her family wrong, and she’ll soon be a DSP in Lyari.

Manisha Ropeta Relationships

Manisha Ropeta’s single. She’ll marry at 26 after establishing her career. She hasn’t announced a romantic connection.

Height And Wright Manisha Ropeta

She’s lovely with outstanding and cool body measurements. 5’4″ Manisha weighs 54 kg. She’s slim and healthy. Black hair, eyes.


Manisha Ropeta, who passed the Sindh PSC exams, is improving the police’s image. She’ll soon be a DSP in Lyari’s crime-ridden district. Manisha teaches and gets on-the-job training in crime-ridden Lyari.

Private school teacher. Her student inspires her to become a teacher. She’s mentored, numerous young women. CSS Complex Academy teacher. She teaches writing skills and other subjects.

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