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Lynsi Snyder Says Her Three failed Marriages ‘Forced Her To Be Stronger’

Lynsi Snyder

Powerhouse businesswoman Lynsi Snyder commented, “Sean and I make it a priority to go on dates! Being married with four kids and a pace that never lightens up,” while proudly promoting her healthy marriage with her husband of seven years.

On her most recent date night, Lynsi posted a couple of selfies with her devoted husband, Sean Ellingson, on Instagram.

Lynsi Snyder
Lynsi Snyder With Her Husband [Source: Focus on the Family ]
She elaborated on the need to spend time together, connect, laugh, and remain best friends in the caption. Maintaining a relationship indeed calls for spending quality time together, but Lynsi finds it difficult to find time for her personal life amid her busy schedule as the owner of the well-known fast food chain In-N-Out Burger.

Lynsi Snyder thus makes the most of any chance to express her love for her “best friend.” She frequently uses Instagram to share how much her spouse means to her. She expresses her gratitude for having her husband in her life in yet another of her affectionate messages, which also includes a cute photo of her planting a kiss on his cheek.

Her words are My best buddy is this person right here, and I will always be grateful to have him in my life”.The ostensibly content couple exchanged vows in a low-key wedding ceremony in Glendora on July 5, 2014. The couple expanded their family by having a son, Layne Ellingson, the same year they got married.

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Learn More About Her Husband

Sean, the husband of Lynsi, is a devout Christian and a former soldier who, along with his wife Lynsi, co-founded the group Army of Love. Sean was convinced that God had a greater plan for him because he came from a family who had a stronger faith in God.

With that faith, the former drug addict decided to alter the direction of his life by becoming actively involved in praying for others and bringing Christians together.

Additionally, he was inspired to help others after tragically losing his younger brother to a heroin overdose. He enlisted in the military and served in Iraq to break out of his rut. However, he later discovered his vocation, and after meeting his future wife, he started his path as a mentor for others looking for guidance in life.

Numerous people’s lives have likely been shaped by the power couple’s altruistic service. However, it took Lynsi three failed marriages before she met Sean, who was also a former employee of In-N-Out Burger and was able to implement her vision through the company.

Lynsi’s Protracted Marital History

The entrepreneur had married three men before Sean. The beginning of her married life may be traced back to 2000, when Lynsi married Jeremiah Seawell, her high school love, at the age of 18. But the relationship quickly fizzled, and in 2003 the couple divorced. In an interview with People, Synder discussed her first marriage, which ended in divorce.

It was improper. I went through a divorce as payment. She married Richard Martinez immediately following her divorce, and the marriage also ended in divorce in 2011. Lynsi Snyder has a son and a daughter, who are fraternal twins, from her second marriage.

She married Val Torres Jr. in the same year that she divorced Richard, although the union only lasted three years. As Lynsi mentioned, an infidelity issue caused her third marriage to collapse. The rich businesswoman, who suffered from addiction and had three failed marriages, has now found true love after years of searching. She mentioned how certain relationships in the past “pushed her to be stronger.”

Sean and Lynsi, who are happily married and enjoying their time together to the fullest, are lucky to have each other, as evidenced by Lynsi’s sweet Instagram pictures dedicated to him.

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