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Ly Hao Nam | 10-Year-Old Vietnamese Boy Trapped In Pillar Death

Ly Hao Nam

Ly Hao Nam, a 10-year-old Vietnamese child, died after becoming trapped in a concrete pillar’s tight opening.

Soon after falling into the 10-inch-diameter hollow pillar, the child called out for rescue. Officials attempted to save the little kid for more than 100 hours without success.

On New Year’s Eve, Nam and his friends were searching for scrap iron near the construction site.

However, the search proved disastrous as he fell down the 115-foot-deep pillar, unable to escape on his own.

For nearly five days, rescuers attempted everything they could to save the kid.

They pumped in oxygen, dropped water for him to drink, and cleared the mud around the pillar in order to extract it and save the youngster.

What became to Ly Hao Nam? Pillar Death Trapped

Ly Hao Nam, a Vietnamese boy, died after becoming caught inside a pillar.

Nam is said to have fallen into the pillar while out with pals looking for scrap iron. The pillar was discovered during the construction of a bridge in the Mekong delta province.

On Saturday, December 31, 2022, a 10-year-old boy from the neighborhood fell into the pillar.

All hope of saving the tiny boy was lost after more than 100 hours of rescue efforts when he was confirmed dead.

Doan Tan Buu, the vice chairman of the southern province of Dong Thap, stated that the victim had died.

Rescuers are currently attempting to recover the 10-year-old’s remains from inside the pillar in preparation for the burial.

Attempts to Rescue Ly Hao Nam

Officials used every available method to free Ly Hao Nam from the pillar.

Rescuers in Dong Thap attempted to raise the pillar from its 115-foot-deep pit and extract the boy.

They had been attempting to raise the pillar by clearing the mud and water around it. To help Nam breathe, oxygen was pushed into the small pillar.

Water was also lowered into the pillar for the boy’s consumption. However, there were no indications that he had consumed any alcohol.

Pham Minh Chinh, Vietnam’s Prime Minister, encouraged local officials and rescuers to employ all methods and equipment available to save the 10-year-old.

Vietnamese authorities dispatched over a hundred soldiers and engineering professionals to securely recover the youngster.

After crashing into the pillar, the 10-year-old was heard pleading for help. For some time after the tragedy, he could be heard screaming.

However, when a camera was dropped into the shaft on Monday, no answer was received from him.

Unfortunately, all of those endeavors were worthless because the tiny boy had already perished. Authorities are currently attempting to locate his corpse so that he can be properly buried.

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