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Lux Wright | Career, Marriage Life And Children

Lux Wright

Lux Wright is engaged to MTV Jackass celebrity Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover. Steve-O, the prospective spouse of Wright, is a stunt artist, entertainer, and television personality best known for his roles in the Jackass series and its spinoff films.

In January 2018, Wright and Steve-O were engaged. The insane stunt enthusiast will be making her way down an aisle for the third time. The friendship between him and Wright is also causing his followers to become quite thrilled. Lux frequently agreed to participate in Steve’s wild escapades, and the two looked to be quite well matched on a number of life concerns.

Lux Wright Is A Designer And Photographer

May 18, 1987, was Wright’s birthday. The future wife of Steve-O graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2005 with an Associate of Arts degree.

She works as a visual artist, stylist, and photographer for motion pictures and advertisements. Her fiancé’s films, Steve-O: Gnarly (2020) and No Pain in Vain: The Shocking Life of Steve-O (2020), were produced by her as well. Wright even made an appearance in the latter as herself.

In 2015, Lux began her first professional photographic career in London and Amsterdam, where she quickly rose to prominence. The inhabitant of the Golden State has visited the Netherlands, Jamaica, England, France, Costa Rica, and Mexico. She’s taken part in poker competitions as well.

Wright began his career at Dolce & Gabanna in December 2006 and left in April 2009. She then worked as a styling intern at Chic Little Devil from September 2010 until February 2011. The Prop Stylist began working for RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen as an event planner in December 2010. She would be on staff until February of 2014.

This time, however, Steve’s girlfriend would be employed as a sales representative for Nest Studio Rentals. After approximately a year and a half, the designer moved to Los Angeles and started working as an independent contractor for composition and cinema. She also runs Depop, an online retailer of jewelry, cosmetic products, clothing for men and women, and other items.

Wright’s passion for classic vehicles is evident on her Instagram page. She enjoys watching UFC with her soon-to-be spouse as well.

The Bond Between Lux Wright and Steve-O

Steve and Wright met at work. The latter was there to do a specific task (which was not made clear), while the former worked in clothes, styling props, and production design. Paradoxically, the MTV stuntman never completed the job and was paid nevertheless. When they finally spoke for the first time, Wright made the initial approach to ask him out. Following that, the pair went on a few dates and behaved “pretty responsibly and conventionally.”

Their romance started in January 2017. The couple made their romance public later that year in July.

On January 21, 2018, the Wildboyz actor proposed to Lux in front of his sisters, father, and a few of his Jackass co-stars. He also recorded everything on camera. In fact, he really dropped down on his knees in front of his family and friends toward the conclusion of a comedy show he was filming in Denver.

Wright then shared an up-close photo of her ring on Instagram along with her joy. She quipped, “Marrying the MTV celebrity is a total no-brainer,” in the caption.

Steve says Lux had a major role in assisting him in being sober. The former member of Jackass has been transparent about his prior battles with drug addiction and has maintained sobriety since 2008.

The COVID-19 outbreak caused Gilchrist and Lux to reschedule their wedding. Along with their three goats, two cats, and four dogs, the pair lives in the Hollywood Hills.

Glover was Brittany Mcgraw’s spouse from 2006 to 2008 and had previously dated Candy-Jane Tucker from 2002 to 2003. Before he proposed to Wright, three years earlier, Steve was seeing Stacey Solomon. In 2015, he also dated Kat Von D. But after dating for three months, the two broke up.

Lux Wright’s Fiance Considered Both The Engagement Ring And The Proposal

After six months of preparing, Stephen proposed to Lux with an engraved ring set with a low-set round diamond. The pair revealed to TMZ that the event indeed took place onstage following the filming of Steve-O’s newest comedy show.

Steve stated that finding a partner in Lux truly fulfilled his purpose. Glover said that he choose the ring so that it wouldn’t interfere with his sweetheart’s profession, as she regularly uses her hands in her work as a visual artist.

Wright’s first month of dating the writer of The Professional Idiot was spent apart from him physically. They even went so far as to wait to kiss until after they moved in together.

“We didn’t have any physical contact for a full month of dating,”

Said Stephen Gilchrist Glover’s fiancée.

“We have lived together ever since we had our first kiss and kissed each other’s peepees.”

Steve-O and Lux Wright Want To Construct Their Own Animal Sanctuary

The Gonzo actor hopes to open their own animal refuge with Wright, his future bride, who is a visual artist. Lux’s partner follows a vegan diet, and when visiting Morocco with his buddy Scott Randolph, the notion of building a barn struck him.

The animal rights advocate claimed that while in the nation, he came to understand how fortunate he was and that he and Wright didn’t want children (more on that later). After O and Scott discussed it, the buddy recommended that the reality star start an animal refuge.

After that, my mind blew up. I simply became very thrilled,” the British-born actor remarked.”

Graham Bensinger was told by the Bailey graduate. Lux also said how excited she was when Steve brought up the idea. The prop maker remarked,

The thought of owning a ranch before I even retire is a desire that I’ve always had, even if it’s not really a retirement plan.

In order for them to be able to drive there, the couple decided that it should be in Southern California. They also intended that the sanctuary would provide guest rooms for bed and breakfast. Wright and Stephen hope that their ranch will influence people’s opinions about consuming beef. Lux and her fiancé stated that their goal is to use the money they make from their farm to support children with disabilities.

Wright intends to launch an animal refuge with her fiancé, Steve-O.

Lux Wright intends to launch an animal refuge with her fiancé, Steve-O. Punch Media/Imago

The couple has chosen to get married on their ranch and nowhere else since they take their ranch very seriously. Additionally, the explanation for why Wright and her partner haven’t yet announced their engagement.

Steve also took a street dog back to the United States with him after rescuing her from Peru in the same month that he proposed to Wright. Gilchrist and a few of his buddies assisted in apprehending African poachers of wild tortoises later that year.

Steve-O and Lux Wright both want to avoid having children.

Lux and her fiancé, Steve-O, are two of the increasing number of individuals who have almost given up on having children of their own will. The couple has expressed their desire to be childless in a clear and outspoken manner.

The Jackass actor claims that when in his late 20s or early 30s, he considered not having children of his own. Steve once talked to his father about getting an Olympic vasectomy. The joker was resolute about his decision even after his father attempted to dissuade him.

“I believe that the majority of people firmly believe that having children is vital. However, I’m not really able to tell that. I have never been a parent. I’ve never felt the need for that.

Wright expressed how she felt about having kids. She continued, saying that raising children is “probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever do,” in addition to being a major financial commitment.

“I’ve planned a lot for myself, and none of that has ever included having kids,” the designer continued. Despite this, Stephen’s soon-to-be wife acknowledged that adoption would be the least she would be willing to do if she ever felt differently.

Wright Was First Offended by Her Fiance’s Nudity

Lux 34 is the most laid-back fiancée Steve could ask for, but there have been boundaries on what she can get away with when it comes to the stunt performer’s penchant for oddities. She felt uncomfortable with Glover’s full-frontal masculine nudity. An ex-Jackass member initially thought it was startling.

Stephen clarified his fiancee’s concern about his nudity, saying, “She told me, ‘We’re in an intimate relationship, so I feel like that’s my penis, and I don’t like you showing it to the whole world.'”

Steve-O’s full-frontal nudity was later resolved by the pair. Lux even consented to paint his p**** in order to pull off a dick painting prank. According to the triple passport holder, that showed that she was sort of accepting the circumstances.

Dermal Inclusion Cyst in Wright

The prop maker disclosed on Instagram in February 2017 that she had a cutaneous inclusion cyst removed. Wright said that the abscess has been there since the middle of the 2000s. The Californian clarified that it was not malignant and that the entire process had been “quite enjoyable for me.” She did not, however, specify where area of her body was involved in the wound. Wright also experiences regular nosebleeds.

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