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Luke Barton Married To Lee Asher: An Examination

Luke Barton

Because of their long-standing friendship, many people believe that Lee Asher and Luke Barton are married. However, this is not the case.

Famous individuals who have rescued dogs from shelters and offered them for adoption include Lee Asher and Luke Barton.

Lee has made a cameo on the Animal Planet/Discovery+ program My Pack Life, whereas Luke is more involved behind the scenes.

Additionally, Asher and Barton travel the globe in an RV and have adopted 500 dogs. They will carry on their outstanding work in the future.

Is Luke Barton Married to Lee Asher?

Less Asher is not yet married and is currently single. He once dated Ana Rubiolo, but they never got hitched.

Lee and Luke come into contact while both are employed by RV Traveller. The two have worked together on several projects, including traveling and dog rescue, since they first met.

It seems as though Asher and Barton were meant to be together. For the RV tour, they share the same goals. They encourage the locals to adopt pets rather than buy them and educate them how to train their canines.

They both appear together on the Ellen Show, but neither of them has discussed their relationship on social media or in public on television. 511k people have watched a clip of them that went popular on Ellen’s YouTube channel.

They are both seen around the nation to publicize their involvement in animal rescue. Additionally, they collaborate with animal shelters and host unique events to highlight rescue canines.

Relationship Between Luke Barton and Lee Asher Described

Amazing teams Luke Barton and Lee Asher are working together to rescue dogs from shelters.

While Asher and Luke gained notoriety after appearing on Ellen’s show, Lee and Luke were not high school pals and never disclosed how they met or how long they had known one another.

On April 15, 2019, a video of their appearance on the program was uploaded on Ellen’s official YouTube page. Furthermore, 511k people have watched the 5-minute movie as of this writing.

Since then, they’ve been collaborating while on the road in their RV. To show their fans their RV, they also uploaded a video to their YouTube channel.

This occasion aids the homeless canines in finding homes. Shutterfly, which supports the nonprofit The Asher House, also contributes to their assistance. They have time to volunteer for animal rescues while leading hectic lives.

He has an Instagram account with lots of dog pictures and a Facebook page with the handle @theasherhouse.

Instagram users can find Lee Asher’s photos by searching for @theasherhouse. On his official social media account, he has published 2035 times in total.

By promoting products and selling advertising on his social media pages, he also generates income. He has more than 908k Instagram fans. As of 2022, his social media accounts were marked as verified with a blue tick.

On September 14, 2022, Asher uploaded a new message. On his Instagram account, he posted a little video of a Big ol’ Pollie dog.

He has more pictures of his dogs than of his family. Rarely do you see his portrait shots on social media.

Luke Barton and Lee Asher still have a relationship?

As of 2022, Lee Asher and Luke Barton are still a couple. They are companions who are touring the world in an RV and are related by heart but not by blood. They are not brothers.

Although Lee and Luke are not blood relatives or share a family, they are similar in that they both have a huge heart and a desire to encourage more people to adopt stray animals.

To get where he is now, Asher quit his 9 to 5 corporate job. The creator of the Asher house was also greeted by Barton, who worked behind the camera and was constantly recording.

The photographer admitted that he first got to know the animal rescuer while taking pictures of his pets. Because he was a traveler with an RV, both clicked and materialized in the form of rescuing shelter dogs, and the rest is history.

Adopt A Dog From Asher House

Estacada, Oregon’s The Asher House is a legally recognized non-profit sanctuary. They save the dogs, giving them a loving home and comfortable life.

Our founder, Lee Asher, spent more than two years traveling to all 49 states to encourage dog adoption and to spotlight different shelters and rescues.

After the loss of beloved Pitbull Stella, Lee was resolved to fulfill his lifetime ambition of creating a refuge where animals could feel valued, safe, and free. In late 2020, Asher stumbled onto a sizable piece of land that was the perfect place for his vision to come true.

Ana Rubiolo and Lee Asher are they dating?

Ana Rubiolo and Lee Asher Asher once dated, but they are no longer associated.

The animal rescuer and Ana Rubiolo were romantically involved. He hasn’t addressed any dating rumors, and unlike before, he no longer shares pictures of Ana on social media.

Some people on the internet assert that the couple is no longer together. Lee updates his Instagram account with pictures of his dogs and animal rescue efforts.

Asher stated that resisting attachment to his animals is the most difficult muscle to train in a 2020 interview with Insider.

Lee Asher’s Salary: What Is His Earning Power?

The estimated value of Lee Asher’s net worth is $1.6 million. He earned a six-figure salary working as a corporate trainer.

A new animal caregivers-focused Animal Planet and Discovery+ series called “My Pack Life” has debuted. The Dodo contributed to the show’s conception.

Asher increases the size of his animal-related space as his job develops and starts to frequently live with his animals. Lee discusses his personal experiences with bullying as well as how his love for animals has grown and how it has helped him deal with his loss.

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