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Los Angeles Dodgers: Women’s Jerseys in All Sizes

On game day, wear a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey. Women’s Dodgers jerseys are a great ensemble to wear during a game, and they look great with jeans and sneakers. So, if you choose the Dodgers jersey, you won’t have to juggle much because it can be worn with any shoes and pants.

You’re dressed to the nines and ready to take the field. Many people will be surprised to see ladies in Dodgers jerseys when your group eventually reaches the field wearing a Dodgers jersey. Of sure, the Dodgers have excellent players, but few women are interested in baseball. So women wearing Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys in the game make it simpler to get some looks.

Here are some Los Angeles Dodgers women’s jerseys available on Amazon.com.

MLB Women’s White Los Angeles Dodgers Jersey

As the most ardent female Dodgers fan, you have earned the right to wear the same jersey as your favorite player on the field. This Majestic Dodgers jersey for women introduces the team’s official design to your wardrobe for a fandom look on game day. When you wear this jersey, you will be recognized as the biggest fan whether you are watching from the couch, attending a watch party, or witnessing in the stadium.

This women’s jersey has a tagless neck, a round hem with a heat-sealed jock tag above the left hem, a feminine fit, and a beautiful V-neckline. While you cheer for your team, the polyester fabric keeps you cool and comfy. Furthermore, the cool base technology utilized in this jersey wicks sweat, making it lightweight. Even when the game heats up, this jersey keeps your body cool.

Amazon.com sells women’s Dodgers jerseys in three sizes: medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL).

Blue Los Angeles Dodgers Women’s Jersey

You are a die-hard Los Angeles Dodgers fan who dislikes the color white. So, here is the Majestic Dodgers royal blue women’s jersey. The royal blue hue and Dodgers designs on the jersey provide the fan with everything they need to look and feel their best on game day. If blue is your lucky color, a Dodgers jersey may offer you luck on the field while your favorite team is competing for a win.

The elements of the Dodgers’ blue jersey are fairly similar to those of the white jersey. The only variation is the color; the quality and other characteristics of the white jersey are identical. Because this women’s jersey is blue, the Dodgers script is screen printed in white. This women’s front button jersey is machine washable and long-lasting. It fits properly and gives you a stunning appearance. When you wear this jersey to the stadium, no one will doubt your ardent support.

Wear your favorite Los Angeles Dodgers shirt to celebrate the team’s victory. This Los Angeles Dodgers shirt is available in large sizes at Amazon.com.

How has the Los Angeles Dodgers jersey developed throughout time?

  • The uniform of the Los Angeles Dodgers has not altered since the 1930s. The jersey is white with the word “Dodgers” inscribed across the breast. The road jersey was grey with “Los Angeles” inscribed across the chest.
  • The term Dodgers originally appeared on the home jersey in 1933, and the uniform was white with red pinstripes and a stylized “B” on the left shoulder.
  • They also wore a green bordered jersey and a green cap in 1937.
  • The Dodgers now wear the uniform, which was designed in 1939.
  • In 1952, a crimson number with the script “Dodgers” was introduced to the home uniform.
  • In 1958, the team relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. The city name was modified on the road jersey, and the stylized B on the hat was replaced with the interlocking LA.
  • Since 1970, the team’s road jersey and uniform have “Dodger” inscribed on them.
  • In 1999, the road jersey was emblazoned with “Los Angeles” across the chest. In the same year, a blue uniform with white “Dodger” letters across the breast and a red number in front was introduced.
  • The blue alternate uniform was unpopular. As a result, the squad abandoned it after only one season.
  • In 2014, an alternate road jersey with Dodgers writing instead of the city name was unveiled.
  • In 2018, the squad sported a patch commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What exactly are the Los Angeles Dodgers?

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are a baseball team that competed in the National League (NL).
  • The Dodgers were founded in 1883 and are based in Brooklyn, New York.
  • They are the first squad to play in Los Angeles, defending the former New York Giants and the newly formed San Francisco Giants.
  • They joined the American Association in 1884.
  • Prior to adopting the moniker Dodgers, the team was known as the Grays, Bridegrooms, Superbas, and Robins.
  • They’ve won the World Series 21 times.
  • The Dodgers have six World Series championships and 23 National League pennants.
  • They won the World Series against their crosstown rivals, the New York Yankees, in 1955.
  • They won 11 more National League Championships and five World Series rings after moving to Los Angeles.

Firsts for the Los Angeles Dodgers

  • 1889-1890: First team to win titles in two different leagues in the same year.
  • 1941: The first batting helmets are used by a team.
  • 1952: The first MLB team to wear a number on their uniform.
  • 1959: Western team becomes the first to win a World Series.
  • 1974: The first MLB team to admit a female sports journalist inside the locker room. 1998: The first MLB team to build an office in Asia.
  • 2009: Longest MLB club home start record of 13-0.
  • 2012: The first MLB team to hire a female head trainer.

Stats for the Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Every season, over three million people attend Dodgers games at Dodger Stadium.
  • Guggenheim Baseball Management purchased the team in 2012 for $2.15 billion US dollars.
  • With a franchise value of 3.4 billion US dollars, the Dodgers are the league’s second most valuable franchise.
  • The Dodgers’ revenue in 2019 was more than 556 million US dollars, and their Facebook and Twitter accounts are among the most followed and loved of any MLB team.
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