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Line Burquier

Line Burquier

Who is Line Burquier?

Line Burquier (born 7 May 2003; age: 19) is a well-known French cyclist who has won gold medals for her nation in many international cycling competitions.

She is introduced as a teenage mountain bike champion who has defeated numerous other top cyclists in cyclo-cross and cross-country events. She is the 2022 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships gold medalist.

What is the Net Worth of Line Burquier? Salary, Earnings

Line Burquier is currently making a solid living as a competitive cyclist. To generate more revenue, she has sponsored numerous sports products. With each gold medal, she has won, she has also received numerous financial awards. A well-known cyclist named Miss. The line currently has a net worth of over USD 1 million.

Line Burquier: Who is she?

French cyclist Line Burquier, 19, has competed in cycling contests for various teams. She has acted as a spokesperson for the “Veloroc Lapierre,” “Canyon Cllctv,” and “Veloroc Lapierre” teams. She is now representing her team Canyon Cllctv in a cycling competition as of August 2022.

The line earned the gold medal at the MTB French Cup Powered by SKF-CXO on August 14, 2022. Currently, Miss Line is well-liked in the French media due to her notable accomplishments and prosperous career.

Where was Line Burquier born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Line Burquier, a professional cyclist, is currently 19 years old. She was born in Saint-Paul-en-Chablais on May 7, 2003. She is a cyclist who started her professional career in 2017. Line Burquier began training diligently at the age of 14 to succeed in her cycling career.

She never considered becoming a world champion as a child. But when she was a teenager, she developed a passion for riding after being inspired by a professional rider. Now that Line has gained notoriety, she is putting her focus on her schooling and profession. She hasn’t said in any place about the college she is attending to finish her bachelor’s degree.

Burquier frequently sent birthday greetings for her mum on her Instagram Line. However, she never publicly disclosed who her parents were. Even in photographs, she never revealed her mother’s face.

In addition to this, we discovered some of her family members’ names while looking through her Facebook account. Loane Burquier, Amaury Burquier, Ludovic Burquier, Marie-Laure Burquier, and Severine Burquier are the names of her gorgeous family members.

Although we cannot confirm it, Marie-Laure Burquier and Ludovic Burquier seem to be Miss Line’s parents.

How did Line Burquier start her Professional Career?

The list of Miss Line Burquier’s cycling competition participation is extensive. She won the 2018 Coupe de France General Classification, Cyclo-cross, Novices (F), France. Following that, she won the first prize in other events held in her nation.

Later, she participated in international contests outside of the nation. She participated in Women’s Junior Cycle competitions in 2021. Line Burquier started competing in Women Elite and Under 23 races in 2022.

She has previous cycling competition experience, having competed in events including the Cross Country Olympic, Cross Country Relay, Cross Country Short Circuit, and others.

In the U23, Junior, and Team Relay divisions, she has achieved gold. Line, who claimed to be an unbeaten cyclist, placed first in her maximum participation. We’ve posted a list of her winning tournaments below.

Relationships & Boyfriend of Line Burquier

Line Burquier has kept her love life private for the past several years since she started to gain notoriety in the media. She is successful and lovely, there is no question about that.

Line Burquier receives a lot of attention from men on social media as a result. She can be having romantic relationships in secret. However, she disclosed her single status in public. We might learn the name of her husband or boyfriend in the years to come.

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