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Leslie Joanne Wayne

Leslie Joanne Wayne

Who is Leslie Joanne Wayne?

American public personality Leslie Joanne Wayne was born in December 1969 and passed away at the age of 52. She was the mother of Mr. Leland Tyler Wayne, a well-known American record producer, director, record executive, and DJ (Metro Boomin, Young Metro, Metro). She was very close to her son and a constant source of motivation for him.

Sadly, Mrs. Leslie, the mother of Metro Boomin, passed away on June 5, 2022. Metro Boomin broke the news of her passing to the media. She allegedly died at the hands of her husband. Her husband also killed himself after she killed Leslie.

What is the Net Worth of Leslie Joanne Wayne? Salary, Earnings

Leslie left behind a home that cost USD 1.2 million. The address of her residence is Tyrone, Georgia. Other than this, not much is known about her income and possessions.

Leslie Joanne Wayne: who was she? The mother of the music producer was murdered by her husband

Leslie, a director, and DJ who is the mother of a well-known American recording artist, never imagined she would pass away after being murdered by her husband. According to reports, Leslie’s husband, who killed her before committing himself, had just gotten married to her.

The investigative team has kept Leslie’s husband’s true identity a secret. The police located Leslie’s body outside the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. An autopsy has been requested for her body. There are still autopsy reports to be released to the media.

5.5 million Metro Boomin fans have seen Leslie with her son at numerous events. And now that this well-known public figure is no longer with us, many Metro admirers have expressed their sorrow over her passing.

Where was Leslie Joanne Wayne born? Education

There is no place on digital media where you may access Leslie’s profile. She was only 50 years old when she passed away, and she was a resident of Atlanta. Her formative years were spent in St. Louis, Missouri. She seems to have been a very cooperative woman who has spent her entire life on Metro’s improvement.

Metro Boomin’s mother, Leslie Joanne Wayne, was the first person in history to realize his potential. She has fought all her life to turn her son into a musical star. Every time, she gave Metro Boomin advice on how to fulfill his desire to become a DJ.

Family of Leslie Joanne Wayne (Nationality and Ethnicity)

After Leslie’s passing, her family’s identity was kept a secret from the press. The identities of her parents and siblings are unknown. Even Metro, her son, has refrained from speaking to the public about her maternal grandparents. However, we did learn a little bit about her family, including the fact that she had one sister named Lisa Henderson.

The maiden name of Leslie is Henderson. Additionally, she is related to Russellville, Arkansas native Glenda Henderson. Leslie Joanne Wayne was also introduced to Floosie Henderson, a career educator who is now a legal secretary.

How did Leslie Joanne Wayne start her Professional Career?

Leslie Joanne has worked as a media manager and publicist, according to her LinkedIn profile. She continued to be involved with Cardinal Ritter College Prep (CRCP). Her CRCP pupils shared news of Leslie’s passing on Facebook. She appears to have been a member of the CRCP family in 1988. In addition, Leslie used to drive her kid for nearly eight hours after learning about his talent.

Leslie Joanne Wayne used to make the eight-hour trek from St. Louis to Atlanta for her son to get a break in the music industry. She got Metro a laptop when he was a high school student so that he could learn the most recent musical technology.

Is Leslie Joanne Wayne Married? Relationship

Metro Boomin was born to Leslie and her first husband, Lamont Wayne, who went by several different identities. One more son and one daughter were born to Leslie. In the 1990s, shortly after having children, she filed for divorce from her spouse.

Additionally, she recently wed her one long-term partner, whose identity is currently being kept secret by the police. After a few months of marriage, Leslie’s second husband killed her. Additionally, after killing Leslie, her husband also committed suicide.

Police reported that Leslie Joanne Wayne’s husband shot himself to death and then committed suicide. When Atlanta police discovered his body at his home, they determined it was a murder-suicide.

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