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Lee Norris Family, Transgender, and Wife

Lee Norris

In 2016, a side-by-side image of actor Lee Norris and rapper Chanel West Coast went viral, making him an unlikely subject of this meme-induced joke. The internet is a crazy place; a little meme could start a terrible rumor that could ruin a celebrity’s career. The notion that he was transsexual was essentially born out of it.

Quick Biography

Lee Norris: transgender or not?

It is hardly surprising that the Boy Meets The World actor resembled Chanel West Coast, his purported double. He and the rapper from Been On look very lot alike despite not being blood relatives.

However, nobody is really sure where the aforementioned meme came from. Even yet, it was able to generate priceless responses from everyone.

Everyone appeared to be responding. Even Chanel joked in her response to the trending meme:

‘You got a BIG lawsuit coming your way lol,’ I got news for all these stupid sites displaying the advertisement saying I’m transgender and used to be Minkus.

Lee hasn’t responded to it yet, at least not publicly. Having said that, it’s not hard to picture him and his wife discussing this priceless recollection of a meme that captured their attention.

Lee Norris- Relationship, Married Life

Lee and his wife Andrea Norris had been wed for almost five years when the transgender rumor gained traction. If only the online bullies were aware of how well he gets along with his partner, they wouldn’t have used his similarity to Chanel West.

However, all evidence points to the One Tree Hill actor being a cisgender guy who does not self-identify as transgender. In 2017, he and his wife Andrea started hosting Married With Television. The announcement that they will soon begin a family shouldn’t come as a surprise given how long they have been together.

Lee Norris- Birth, Age

Lee was born in 1981 at his family’s residence in Greenville, North Carolina, in the United States. Fans presume that the 40-year-old Girl Meets World actor grew up in luxury despite the lack of information on his family and close relatives. The perception is mostly based on his portrayal as a “soft guy” on television.

Lee, a Wake Forest University alumnus, received his big break in the 1990s sitcom The Torkelsons.

TV shows and movies

But when he was chosen to play Stuart Minkus in the popular ABC series Boy Meets The World, it was the turning point in his career.
He amused the fans with the enduring character for six seasons, from 1993 to 1998.

Lee then dazzled the TV audience with his acting prowess while playing Marvin “Mouth” McFadden in the popular teen drama One Tree Hill. His lesser-known TV performances include The Walking Dead, American Gothic, and Dawson’s Creek.

Lee has a number of high-profile roles and film credits outside of the tiny screen. His most well-known films are Zodiac, Surf School, Gone Girl, and most recently, Greyhound. He frequently works with director David Fincher. Resulting in a staggering $300K net worth for him, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

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