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Ledisi Preferring To Evolve Independently As Opposed To Getting Married


Ledisi believe that in order to be happy and enjoy every aspect of life, they don’t need a companion, while others focus on expanding their lives within themselves.

Is this, however, what acclaimed R&B singer Ledisi believes in?

Everyone knows she was once dating someone and was in a relationship, but how does her current romantic life look?

Was she married to her boyfriend or did they break up?

Is Ledisi Married? Relationship

When Ledisi cryptically stated that she had married her “best friend,” the internet went into a frenzy.

The I Blame You singer shared a throwback photo of herself next to her longtime partner Ronnie T. Young in a wedding gown on July 7th, 2018, along with the cheeky statement, “The last time I was home in #Nola I had a party with my closest buddy. #all the way.”

Ron T. J., Ledisi’s spouse, is a well-known photographer with a studio in Sherman Oaks, California. Ron is an expert in “headshots, lifestyle, family portraits, and more,” according to his Facebook profile.

She and her spouse have not yet commented on the specifics of their nuptials, nor have they divulged any personal information about their relationship. The “Nola” native’s Instagram post provided a rare glimpse into their relationship.

Not only were Ledisi fans shocked by the R&B singer’s statement, but several well-known figures were as well. Niecy Nash, the star of Claws, added an emoji to the cited Instagram post.

Hopefully, the singer of All The Way will reveal more about her marriage in the days to come. Her upcoming albums would be one method to do this.

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Information On Ledisi’s Tour And Albums

Ledisi is most well-known and respected for her deep voice and jazz-influenced singing. Since the middle of the 1990s, Ledisi has put out a number of successful albums, the first of which was “Soul singer.”

Feeling Orange but Sometimes Blue, Lost & Found, Turn Me Loose, Pieces of Me, and The Truth are some of her other noteworthy albums. LeSean Records, which she founded in 1995, has assisted her in earning several honors and recognition as well as nine Grammy Award nominations since 2008.

She has been obstinate in trying to increase the scope of her professional accomplishment despite having had such enormous success in her career.

Ledisi will perform four gigs as part of the UK leg of the European tour in 2019 alone at Jazz Cafe in London and Band on the Wall in Manchester.

She has been leading a quiet life but still making a lot of effort to advance her career. Keep checking back for more Ledisi news.

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