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Learn About Gino Jennings’ Views On Women, Homosexuality, And Other Topics

Gino Jennings

Gino Jennings, an American Oneness Pentecostal pastor, takes his responsibility as a father extremely seriously and does not rely on the church to provide for the needs of his kids.

“I work because my wife and I have seven children. The church couldn’t care for our children since we didn’t have any. My children are not the church’s responsibility to raise or send to school. My wife and I are responsible for it as parents.”

The pastor sticks by his assertion and explains that “the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of who God is” is what brings true prosperity in life rather than money or land.

Jennings, who has a family outside of his profession as a preacher, appears to be in very good health and has let go of some of his convictions about the work culture for women and what that implies for his own wife.

Children And Wife Of Gino Jennings

Gino and his wife have been together for more than three decades. On April 15, 1990, he wed Darlene Gayman Jennings, with whom he had seven kids—four sons and three daughters—total.

Gayman, a fellow churchgoer, fell in love with Gino while they were dating and chose to begin their relationship as husband and wife.

The pastor has strong opinions about what is and isn’t right.

While the article would later discuss his other contentious opinions, he indicated that he firmly believes a woman should not be required to work.

Pastor Gino can be seen delivering a speech about how men have changed generally and how marriage has changed in a YouTube video that was uploaded on May 17, 2021.

He muses on how a guy must provide for his family, and that the things a man should not do are sharing money and paying the mortgage jointly. He continues, saying,

“If you’re a working woman who is saving your money well, don’t become involved with a man you aren’t married to since you will be giving him all of your money.”

The pastor’s views are not shared by the majority of people, which has occasionally gotten him into problems.

He also explains why he opposes a gay couple cohabitating in the same video. He describes his encounter with what appears to be a gay man as follows:

“Brothers can be seen following me and observing me from all sides. I don’t have any sort of gay character, so whatever it is you want from me, you won’t get anything from me, and the man won’t get anything out of me.”

This is not the first time he has expressed his disapproval of same-sex unions.

Despite being a preacher who teaches tolerance, he occasionally exhibits anger at homosexuality. Once he cited,

“So, like an overabundance of bees congregating in one spot to gather pollen, homosexuality has poisoned the churches,”

He believes that God created “women for a man” and that homosexuality is a “virus delivered by Satan.”

Pastor Gino appears to be lagging behind new-age pastors who have begun to embrace equality, modernism, and inclusivity in numerous facets of society and culture.

Although he has occasionally been publicly criticized for his remarks directed toward women and LGBT people, that is not what we are saying. However, it is what the majority of people appear to believe.

This has also prompted a wide range of individuals in America to rise up against him, including American and European pastors, putting his life in danger.

Pastor Gino, 58, recently stirred up controversy when he spoke out against women wearing too much makeup, artificial hair, wigs, and jewelry within the church.

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More Info On Gino Jennings

The First Church of our Lord Jesus Christ (FCOOLJC), established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, now has Gono N. Jennings as its general overseer.

He began preaching at the age of thirteen and was later named an associate pastor in 1975. His father was a bishop.

He founded the FCOOLJC in the basement of his home, and today he travels to different states to plant new congregations and spread his message.

His church was founded in 1984 as a fellowship of branch churches, and today it has branches in more than 20 US states.

The Truth of God Broadcasting Network is the name of the 58-year-personal old’s television broadcasting network in Philadelphia.

According to Salary, the typical pastor earns between $482,132 and $113,270 a year. It won’t be unreasonable to presume that his net worth is in the millions given the wage he receives and the fact that he has worked in the field for more than four decades.

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