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Lauren Shulkind

Lauren Shulkind

Elite Noel is a well-known actress, singer, poet, model, entrepreneur, rapper, and social media sensation from California, United States (born on July 12, 1985; age: 36). She is well-known around the nation for her enchanting voice and moving music on various music streaming services.

She is currently in the spotlight because she recently announced her mother’s passing on her official Instagram profile. The news of her mother’s passing on her birthday surprised everyone.

In any case, Noel has published several songs, including BAE, Money Up, Count Up, Follow Me, and many others. In addition to this, he has been in several television programs, including Family first and The Way It Is with Keyshia Cole. She is the proprietor of the cosmetics company “Klub Kosmetics,” where she mostly sells accessories and items for eye makeup.

Who is Lauren Shulkind?

Elite Wikipedia – Noel Every year on July 12th, Elite has a birthday party. In the United States, Oakland, California, where she was born in 1985. She updated her official Instagram account with gorgeous and seductive pictures.

For her elementary studies, she enrolled in a nearby school in her own country. She graduated from Oakland Technical High School, which is located in Oakland, California, according to her LinkedIn profile.

What is the Net Worth of Lauren Shulkind? Salary, Earnings

Along with her enormous salary, Noel is leading a lavish and content life. Her singing career would bring in about $25,000 to $30,000. (approx.). From her business, she consistently makes between $15,000 and USD 25,000. Her estimated net worth is between $6 and USD 7 million.

Where was Lauren Shulkind? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Elite Noel Wiki/Bio Frankie Lons, Noel’s mother, and she were very close. Regarding her biological father, nothing is known. We discovered through her social media accounts that Ellis Randolph was her parent (adopted father). She expressed her gratitude for his excellent care of her and expressed how much she loved her father.

Elite Cole’s older sister is Keyshia Cole. Keyshia is a well-known singer, composer, and television personality. Heaven Sent, Love, I Should Have Cheated, and other well-known songs by Keyshia Cole are just a few. Cafeteria Pugh’s sister Elite is also. She is of mixed ethnicity and practices Christianity.

According to accounts, Frankie Lons had a heroin addiction over the previous two to three years. The entire family was celebrating Frankie Lons’ 61st birthday on Sunday, July 18, 2021. She died as a result of a drug overdose at her birthday celebration.

Elite Noel first broke the news of her passing on her official Instagram profile. She created a depressing message and added it to the article. However, Keyshia Cole’s The Way It Is included Keyshia and her mother Frankie, a well-known television personality.

Elite Noel’s Husband & Children Elite has not made many personal details about their relationship public. We discovered that she had been in a relationship after going through her social media pages, but she hasn’t given us the names of her current or former partners.

As of July 2021, she will be the proud mother of a son who will be around 15 years old. The name of her son has not been divulged by her. Well, she shared a lot of photos with him on her Instagram account. She wrote the following in a birthday message to her son:

How did Lauren Shulkind start her Professional Career?

She has made appearances in numerous TV series and other entertainment. Along with her sisters and mother, she appears in Keyshia Cole’s The Way It Is, a television program, in 2006. She also appeared in 2009’s “The Frankie and Neffe Show” in addition to this. Additionally, she appears in the television series “In All.”

Elite chose to pursue a career in singing to follow in the footsteps of her older sister Keyshia Cole. Throughout her time in high school, she participated in numerous singing contests. In 2017, she makes her singing debut with the song “BAE.”

Millions of people were captivated and won over by her debut song. “Money Up” was the name of her top hit. It is available for streaming on several music services, including iTunes and YouTube Music. Her other songs include the hits Survive, Follow Me, Count Up, and numerous others.

She serves as the co-CEO of the cosmetics company The Klub Kosmetics, also known as “The Eye Klub.” She specializes in low-cost eyewear and eyelashes. All of her eyewear is stylish and of the highest caliber. She also owns the Instagram account #futureisticsoul. On her hashtag, she primarily discusses new songs, genres, and singing lessons.

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