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Kron Moore’s Personal Life Deconstructed: Who Is Her Husband?

Kron Moore

Kron Moore, the star of ‘Single Black Female,’ has captivated her following for years with her hot on-screen performances. She is an exquisite girl who has always kept her head held high and has been nailing Hollywood with her incredible roleplays.

Her massive success distinguishes her as one of the most well-known actors, but fans have recently brought up questions about her marriage, flooding the internet with the question ‘is Kron Moore married?’

Kron Moore’s Husband: Who Is He?

Kron has been in Hollywood for years, but she has yet to openly divulge any details about her romantic life. Instead, she appears to be a very private person who keeps her business and home lives separate.

However, according to some sources, the actress married her spouse, David Myers Moore, in 2004 at Hope United Methodist Church in Michigan.

There has been no word about the actress’ divorce from her husband as of yet. On the contrary, it appears that the pair are enjoying the taste of ecstasy while keeping their issues out of the spotlight and camera flashes.

For the time being, we can assume that the husband and wife team is still together and living their lives to the fullest. Also, no reports of them having children have surfaced.

Kron, 46, has kept her off-screen chemistry low-key thus far, but her on-screen chemistry never fails to give her audience butterflies. Her performance in ‘The Oval,’ in which she co-starred with Edward Quinn, is still remembered by many.

She also played the mother of two children, played by actress Paige Audrey-Marie Hurd and actor Daniel Croix. The audience adored Edward and Kron’s husband and wife roleplay.

Their on-screen connection captivated many viewers and is still spoken about today. In reality, he is only a very dear friend of hers.

Kron Moore Ethnicity

Kron is of Afro-American descent, having been born to Tony Moore and Marine Moore. Her charming family of four, her parents and a younger brother, raised her like a princess.

Unfortunately, the actress just lost her adoring father. Her father died far too young, but her mother made certain that her children were perfectly groomed.

The mother-daughter bond remains unbroken to this day. Kron just shared a gorgeous picture with some heartwarming remarks on Mother’s Day.

She stated,

There is nothing else like a mother’s love.
I admire and appreciate all of the beautiful, clever, bold, and powerful women who have sown into me.
Thank you for shaping the lady I am today.
GOD bless all mothers and mother figures today and forever.
Mother’s Day greetings!

Kron is much more than an actor; she is a wife, a daughter, and a sister who achieves perfection in all aspects of her life. The five-foot-seven-inch-tall actress is at the pinnacle of her gigantic career, with an estimated net worth of millions.

She is currently working on new projects that will continue to astound her followers with her genius. Stay tuned as we provide you with the most recent information on her.

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