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Know About Paige Birgfeld? Who Killed Paige Birgfeld?

Paige Birgfeld

Paige Birgfeld vanished almost 11 years ago, and her family’s worst nightmare came true when they discovered her remains. But who assassinated Paige Birgfeld? Paige Birgfeld’s wiki has all the details of this fascinating story!

Paige Birgfeld: Who Is She?

Paige Birgfeld, 34, was a loving mother who adored her three children. She worked a variety of jobs to support them and ensure their future.

Birgfeld raised her children in Colorado on her own after her second divorce in 2006. Jess, her daughter, was eight years old at the time, and her two sons were six and three.

By the time he and Birgfeld divorced, the child’s father had made bad business decisions and declared bankruptcy, leaving her with debts and a mortgage to pay off.

Murder of Paige Birgfeld

Birgfeld reportedly met her first husband in the afternoon on June 28, 2007. They recently reconnected and decided to meet. She called him from a few miles away around 9:00 p.m.

He later tried to call her phone number, but the calls went to voicemail. He didn’t realize she was missing until he called her two days later.

On July 1, Birgfeld’s red car was discovered in flames in an empty parking lot. Her belongings were discovered scattered on the highway a few miles away. Her ex-husbands were initially considered suspects, but no evidence was found against them.

Paige Birgfeld’s Private Life

During the investigation, authorities discovered that Birgfeld worked as an escort for Models Inc. under the name Carrie, presumably to support her family.

When Birgfeld’s client list was discovered, authorities went through it to narrow down the suspect list, and they came across a married man named Lester Ralph Jones.

Jones initially denied knowing Birgfeld, but later revealed that she had given him a naked massage. Jones worked as a mechanic across the parking lot from where Birgfeld’s car was discovered.

One of the last calls she received was apparently from a burner phone. Jones was also seen buying one on surveillance video.

Capturing the Offender

There was no hard evidence against Jones because Birgfeld’s body was still missing. While the investigation was ongoing, he was the primary suspect.

A hiker discovered partially buried skeletal remains, later revealed to be Paige Birgfeld’s, in 2012. Her murder’s cause and motive were never determined.

However, by 2014, Jones had been arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping. The prosecution claimed that he murdered Birgfeld to conceal his use of escort services from his wife.

The jury was deadlocked during the trial, so a mistrial was declared.

The Second Trial

A second trial with a new jury began in December 2016. The prosecution pointed out that Lester Ralph Jones’ wife believed her husband had left the lights on at work, but he was gone for more than an hour on the night Birgfeld vanished.

Jones was found guilty because his workplace was close to where her car was discovered. Lester Ralph Jones was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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