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Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia

Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia

Kkvsh (real name ‘Mikayla Saravia,’ born 29 October 1997, age 25) is a well-known American model, social media influencer, TikToker, OnlyFans star, Youtuber, blogger, media personality, and entrepreneur from Palm Beach, Florida.

Who is Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia?

Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia stunning model is well-known for her incredible material on Instagram, OnlyFans, and YouTube. Let me tell you, she has millions of fans on her social media accounts.

She is also a content creator who enjoys creating fantastic videos for TikTok and Youtube. As a model, she has worked with many well-known companies. Not only that, but she is well-known for her long tongue. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Kkvsh.

What is the Net Worth of Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia? Salary, Earnings

This stunning actress makes a decent living from her online work. She also earns money through web promotions and endorsements. Mikayla is living the high life in California. She also owns a high-end vehicle. KKvsh’s net worth is believed to be approximately $1.5 million (approx.).

Where was Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

This amazing social media influencer was born on October 29, 1997. She was born in Palm Beach, Florida, in the United States. According to rumors, her full birth name is Mikayla Saravia. Kkvsh is a well-known name in the country. When it comes to her age, Mikayla is 25 years old (as of 2022).

Her birthday is on the 29th of October every year. She has had a lifelong passion for modeling. According to media sources, Saravia graduated from a local high school. She then began to concentrate on her modeling profession.

We discovered that Mikayla was born to American parents after extensive inquiry. According to her Instagram bio, she is of Jamaican and Salvadoran origin. Mikayla is a Christian apart from that.

Her family members’ precise names, however, are unknown. Kkvsh’s parents are probably business owners. In addition, she grew raised in Palm Beach with her siblings and cousins.

Is Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia Single? Relationship

This stunning lady is well-known for her provocative and daring posts on Instagram and other social media platforms. Mikayla has also worked with a number of well-known models and content providers. Saravia has also collaborated with a number of well-known internet personas. Her current relationship status is unknown as of October 2022.

Furthermore, her name was related to Nick Yardy. Kkvsh was allegedly assaulted severely by her partner after being caught cheating with Popcan and Jimmy Stacks, according to Media Take Out. Let me tell you about Mikayla, a well-known social media influencer.

How did Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia start her Professional Career?

Mikayla began her career as a model, according to reports. Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia has modeled for a number of local businesses in her early career. She afterwards appeared in a few music videos and club events. She then began sharing things on social media.

Kkvsh ‘Mikayla Saravia gained millions of admirers in a short amount of time due to her hot and great material. She is currently a popular model and social media celebrity. Not only does she publish her stuff on Instagram, but she also does so on Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube.

Let me inform you that Mikayla is also a member of OnlyFans. She also collaborated with a number of well-known content providers, like Francia James. She also promotes numerous products on social media. Mikayla’s large tongue also drew a lot of attention.

Social Media Details

This stunning beauty is well-known for her provocative and daring social media material. Not only that, but she also posts on OnlyFans’ account. Let me tell you, she is also a TikTok celebrity. She also appeared in several music videos.

Furthermore, Mikayla has over 8.2 million Instagram followers. On the internet, she is also known as real kush. Mikayla has also worked with a number of well-known businesses.

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