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Kirsten Storms Responds Vehemently To Negative Comments

Kirsten Storms

Through her work on “General Hospital,” “Days of Our Lives,” and “Zenon,” Kirsten Storms has gained notoriety and a large following. Constant curiosity about appearance, which invariably includes weight gain, is one of the drawbacks of celebrity.

To examine and evaluate someone exclusively based on their weight and waist size is disrespectful and useless. But regrettably, Kirsten is used to remarks and questions regarding weight increase.

Kirsten Storms Criticizes Comments on Weight Gain

The last thing Kirsten would have anticipated after posting a lovely mirror photo of herself on Instagram were rude remarks regarding her appearance and weight gain. But judgemental individuals always manage to minimize others.

She posted a casual photo of herself while shopping at Target, but comments quickly appeared claiming that the photo wasn’t recent and that she had gained weight.

Kirsten Storms
Kirsten Storms Poses For Mirror Selfie (Source: Instagram)

In the comment area of her Instagram image, many people were busy discussing how she “looked different,” but Kirsten was having none of it and reacted angrily to the inquisitive remarks.

She stated:

“I will admit that it saddens me to see certain people just concerned with the condition of my physique, especially when it comes to my weight. Gaining or “losing” is a judgment that is shameful.”

She also talked about how some people make the connection between someone’s weight and their health. I won’t discuss my brief weight increase to quench anyone’s desire because details about my health and medical issues are nobody’s business, she stated.

She clarified everything and stood up for herself to finish the conversation. “What counts the most to me is that I am healthy and that I feel good at whatever size. Snarky remarks only make me feel bad for the author, and I sincerely hope their life gets better tomorrow.”

After the mishap, her supporters flocked to her side and showered her with kind words. Thanks to her supporters, the comment area of the post is currently a beautiful wave of positivity.

Unfortunately, assumptions regarding Kirsten’s body have been made in the past as well. After her ‘General Hospital’ character Maxie became pregnant, people started asking about her pregnancy and how she had changed.

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Is Kirsten Storms Really Expectant?

It has been made plain by Kirsten that she is not currently expecting a child and that the pregnancy bump is a staged prop for the show. She had gone through it once before, though, a few years prior.

Harper Rose Barash, Kirsten’s daughter, was born on January 7, 2014. Her co-star Brandon Barash, whom she wed in 2013, is the father.

For the good news announcement, Brandon turned to Twitter. He noted: “Our traveler has arrived and landed. Greetings from our world. There has never been a day that was so fruitful.”

Similar to this, Kirsten also shared an Instagram photo of her infant with the caption “Daddy’s Lil Princess.”

They were truly happy to bring their daughter into the world. However, tragically, their union did not survive, and they peacefully divorced in 2016 due to their disagreements.

Soap Opera Digest was informed about the split by Kirsten.

“We are committed to maintaining our relationship as friends while successfully co-parenting our child and raising her in a nurturing environment. She also said that they had given the marriage their best effort and that it wasn’t a decision they made lightly.”

The two went through therapy and counseling, but after much deliberation, they came to the conclusion that separating and co-parenting their daughter would be the best course of action. She added that they are not hostile against one another.

In the present, Kirsten Storms is a contented mother and woman. She is busy spending time with her gorgeous daughter, has taken up crocheting, and the best part is that she still enjoys taking mirror selfies, according to her Instagram.

Additionally, whatever weight gain or reduction, her endearing nature will always capture hearts.

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