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Kim Clement

Kim Clement

Kim Clement- Biography

Kim Clement was a well-known South African novelist, pastor, and artist. He rose to prominence as a result of his spiritual books, prophecies, and records. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 60 due to an illness. His daughter manages his Facebook account, which has 1.2 lakh followers.

Kim was fascinated with spiritual philosophies. It just so happened that he became thoroughly engrossed with Christianity. He was ordained as a minister in the church. However, he was brought to the hospital in 2016 owing to Pneumonia and other issues that he was unable to overcome. He passed away in November of 2016.

Kim began House of Destiny as an internet church program, which his daughter is currently carrying on. She is also in charge of his social media accounts. He currently has 27k Instagram followers.

What is the Net Worth of Kim Clement? Salary, Earnings

Kim has an estimated net worth of $18 million. He has worked on his musical band and released several records. He has published books, served as an assistant pastor, established an online church service, and done numerous other things that have brought him recognition and fortune.

Kim Clement- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Kim, who was born on September 30, 1956, is widely renowned for his prophecies. He had collaborated and published numerous CDs with the music group cosmic blues. Kim Clement had always wanted to be a musician since he was a child. He was allowed to study music at Trinity College of London. Kim Clement dabbled in jazz and rock music. Kim has also published books. The Sound of His Voice was positively appreciated by the public in 1993.

Kim Clement- Relationship, Married Life

Kim married Jane Elizabeth Clement in 1978 and they had two children. They have five children, the eldest of whom is Donne Clement Petruska. Others’ identities are unknown.

Kim Clement- Professional Career

Kim was a gifted individual. He began learning music at a young age and aspired to be a musician one day. However, he developed a drug habit, and an occurrence occurred in his life that changed the trajectory of his life. He was nearly killed after being accosted one night. This encounter altered his outlook on life, and he became a deeply pious and spiritual man.

Kim studied the Bible and eventually became an assistant pastor at a church. The most intriguing aspect of his life began when he began making forecasts. He became well-known for it. Although he refused to be dubbed a prophet, his ideals inspired and transformed people for the better. He even used social media to share God’s word. He wrote books with spiritual themes.

Kim founded House of Destiny, a social network that transmitted online Church prayer, sermons, gospels, and other religious content. It’s similar to an online church. After he died, his daughter took over this platform and his other social media accounts. His Twitter account has 12k followers.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Kim stood 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 68 kilograms. He was well-built and always had a smile on his face. Kim has long brown curly hair and a set of bright brown eyes.


  • Kim served as a pastor at many congregations.
  • He was generous and kind, especially to underprivileged youngsters.
  • Some of his best-known publications include ‘Call Me Crazy, But I’m Hearing God’s Voice: Secrets to Hearing God’s Voice’ and ‘The Sound of His Voice.’
  • Kim’s CDs include ‘Freedom for the Soul,’ ‘Israel is Forever,’ and ‘Sweet Moments.’

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