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Kep1er has announced their return in 2022 with the release of their third mini-album, Troubleshooter


In a year dominated by K-pop girl group blockbusters, Kep1er hasn’t remained silent. On September 25, the girl group released a new album called TROUBLESHOOTER, only four months after their last return, Doublast. This year’s already exciting October schedule has been made even more intriguing by the WA DA DA girl group’s comeback teaser poster, in which they appear to be going back in time with a retro motif (which seems to be trendy currently.)

A keyboard, a floppy disk, and a computer display from the 1990s are shown in the TROUBLESHOOTER teaser. The record’s title and release date are displayed on the screen, which briefly malfunctions before shutting out in a way reminiscent of antique animation. Check out the album announcement and concept teaser below:

The young female group Kep1er announced a comeback in October.

Undoubtedly, fourth-generation female groups like Kep1er are currently dominating K-pop. The WA DA DA group is continually putting out catchier songs, which is the only way to differentiate yourself from other female ensembles. Despite showing no signs of a comeback this soon, the nine-member Project Girl Group unexpectedly posted a GIF with the name of the album and its September 25 release date.

The fans were surprised by the TROUBLESHOOTER teaser video because they had been admiring the band’s prior work. The majority of comments on the teaser post consisted of single words like “Oh” and “WHAT.” Some supporters assume the music will be hip-hop or electronic dance. Since WA DA DA DA, Kep1er’s debut hit, also featured EDM, many people believe the group is headed in that direction.

The most astounding aspect was how soon after the female group’s most recent comeback, Doublast, in June of this year, they are all preparing for another round of numerous week-long comebacks, photo sessions, and promotions.

With IVE already making a viral second comeback and LE SSERAFIM making their first return, the competition for female groups is getting increasingly intense (despite being just a year old). However, Kep1ians are concerned about the health of Kep1ers.

The TROUBLESHOOTER girl group’s official schedule now includes appearances at the Fact Music Awards on October 8, the Incheon K-pop concert on October 1, the Kep1anet fan event in Seoul on October 10, the Japan fan meet and greet on October 15, and the third day of KCON Japan on October 16. In the middle of that short time frame, on October 13, 2022, Kep1er will make a comeback with TROUBLESHOOTER.

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