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Kellyanne Conway Appears Even More Surveillance Of The Trump Campaign

Kellyanne Conway

Due to her statement, Kellyanne Conway is once again in the headlines. The counselor appears to be following the controversy. I believe you have already identified the individual. Yes! You guessed correctly. I am referring to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Quick Biography

About Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway is a political activist who presently serves as a Counselor to the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

She has also served as a campaign manager, strategist, and pollster for the Republican Party. Kellyanne has additionally served as president and chief executive officer of The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trend.

In-home interview with Kellyanne Conway

In a recent interview at her home, she made the following statement:

“What I can say is that there are numerous means of surveillance. You can monitor a person in a variety of ways, including through their phones and televisions.

“She went on to add that monitoring might be accomplished via “microwaves that transform into cameras”

She went on:

“This is a known fact of modern life.”

Although she did not cite any evidence to support her remark, it is noteworthy and potentially explosive given that the House Intelligence Committee has requested that the White House turn over any evidence by Monday.

It gave over to the White House any proof supporting the claim made by President Donald Trump regarding the phones at Trump Tower. However, he claimed that the Obama government was secretly monitoring his campaign.

Donald Trump’s tweet has brought him into the limelight

Trump’s early morning tweet brought the story to the forefront nine days ago.

“Just learned that Obama tapped my wires in Trump Tower before to the election,”

Donald Trump did not provide any evidence for his tweet, prompting some critics to assert that he may have overreached. Since then, neither Trump nor any White House official has given corroboration of the assertion.

Indeed, wiretapping allegations have dominated so much of the dialogue in Washington, which provides a glimpse into the president’s efforts to amend the Affordable Care Act and implement new immigration laws.

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Kellyanne Conway’s remark during the interview

Now, the implication of Kellyanne Conway regarding all the current events is presented. Her provocative statement implies that the White House has no intention of retracting Trump’s original Twitter allegation.

In spite of strong statements from the U.S. intelligence community and former president Barack Obama and others in his personal circle, this is not accurate.

In a recent interview, she hinted that there may be additional sorts of surveillance. She candidly stated:

“The president has requested that the surveillance investigation be included in the House and Senate’s ongoing intelligence inquiries,”

Her statement could further complicate the matter in numerous ways. The probe involves a group of individuals who cannot accept that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

When questioned if Russian operatives may have assisted in defeating Clinton and ensuring Trump’s victory, she not only spoke louder than usual but also raised her voice.

“I managed the campaign. I was there each and every day and night. I spoke with individuals in Macomb County, Michigan, and not in Moscow.”

According to her, the “whole plot” is a waste because it would benefit the poor, those in need of tax relief, and entrepreneurs seeking to launch their businesses.

During an interview, she discussed Trump’s effort to overhaul the Affordable Care Act and her prediction that Gov. Chris Christie may eventually join the Trump administration, albeit not for several years.

Her response during an interview was as follows:

“The president is quite fond of Governor Christie. They speak constantly. They have not yet been through the stages of grief, which include anger, disbelief, and acceptance of a loss. I am aware that they are not accepting. That’s unfortunate for the nation. The campaign has finished. It is now time to govern. It’s a lengthy agenda. It is really ambitious. And it is quite Trumpian.”

In any case, the agenda and side questions are proceeding concurrently. I have no idea what will occur next.

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