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KathleenLights Net Worth, Husband, Boyfriend


KathleenLights has amassed a large fan base since entering the world of YouTube in 2012, sharing her happy moments and makeup skills with the world. Her married life with her husband has a lot of fandoms invested in it.

Quick Biography

Where was KathleenLights born?

Kathleen celebrates her 30th birthday on January 27, 1992. In terms of her family, Kathleen’s parents immigrated to the United States from their native Cuba. As a result, the internet personality is open about her Latin heritage. Kathleen even used Instagram in 2019 to share a series of old home videos highlighting the family’s past events.

Did KathleenLights divorce her Husband?

                              KathleenLights with her Husband(Source:Pinterest)

As a result of their celebrity, famous people’s marriages frequently attract divorce rumors. Similarly, the beauty guru’s name could not escape such discussion. Fortunately, she is in a happy marriage with her boyfriend-turned-husband, Daniel Fuentes.

Daniel Fuentes, her husband, was a former soldier who served in Afghanistan. Kathleen had known her husband since she was a child because of her friendship with Daniel’s sister.

After Daniel left the Army, they began dating. Their first date was held on Hard Rock near a restaurant called Tattoo.

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Wedding and Age Disagreement

The wedding of the influencer took place on January 22, 2010. However, her happy day was marred by controversies as there was a lot of backlash within her fan community; all of the commotions began because of their marriage’s age gap.

Many people suggested that because her husband is seven years her senior, she should have married someone her own age. However, in 2016, she took to Twitter to express her disdain for all of the criticisms. Kathleen, a happily married woman, includes her husband in several of her videos.

How did KathleenLights start her Professional Career? And her Net Worth

In terms of earnings, KathleenLights has a self-titled YouTube channel with over four million subscribers. Similarly, she has a second channel, DaysOfOurLights, where she posts vlogs and documents her daily life. Surprisingly, it has more than 131 thousand subscribers. Furthermore, her Instagram account has over two million followers.

Despite all of her credentials, the internet sensation has yet to reveal her verified net worth. However, her sources of income are sufficient to confirm that she earns a good living.

Her YouTube channel is still her most valuable asset, bringing in an average of $25,000 per month. She also earns money from online promotions for brands like Colourpop and Morphe.

She also has her own nail polish line, KL Polish. Under an undisclosed contract, the social media star worked for the YouTube channel Univision Creator Network (UCN) in 2018.

Because the channel is owned by a major Spanish-language television station, she undoubtedly received a sizable salary, increasing her net worth.

How tall is KathleenLights? Weight

She grew up in Miami, Florida, with her elder brother Johnny and younger sister Ylette Luis, standing at 5 feet and 1 inch (1.5 meters). Her sister is a successful entrepreneur who runs her own online jewelry store.

When the YouTube star reached the age of 18, his parents divorced.

Stay tuned for more updates on her rising career and happy married life.

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