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Kathie Lee Gifford Net Worth Includes Her Salary, Luxury Homes, Gifft Wines, And Books

Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee Gifford is leaving her position after almost 11 years, which is a sad development. Up to April 2019, she and Hoda Kotb will continue to host the program.

Gifford has opted to leave after that. The legend’s followers have been curious about the 65-year-income old’s and whether his retirement is timely.

There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about an estimated net worth of $60.0 million! Gifford has worked in the industry for many years, making her a wise financial decision-maker.

We’ll go over all the specifics of Kathie Lee Gifford’s wealth and salary below, along with the rise in her net worth throughout the years.

What Is Kathie Lee Gifford’s Salary?

When Gifford was a vocalist on the game program Name That Tune in the 1970s, her career in show business officially began. She held the same position on Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee before becoming a co-host of Today.

Kathie Lee Gifford
Kathie Lee Gifford With Her Husband(Source: People)

Her portfolio demonstrates a successful career in television, with accomplishments including cameo roles in motion pictures and voiceover work for animated programs (Hercules). She has also published independent CDs and served as a brand spokesperson.

She even performed as Miss Hannigan in a 2006 Madison Square Garden performance of Annie.

Kathie Lee Gifford joined Today in March 2008, and it’s estimated that she makes a cool $2.0 million a year on the NBC program. Her annual pay has climbed to $8.0 million, but that figure was determined recently.

She has now been a part of the show for ten years, during which time she has earned, on average, roughly $20.0 million.

She most recently played Aunt Jane in the Hallmark holiday film A Godwink Christmas, which also included actress Kimberley Sustad as Paula.

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Revenue from Books Written by Kathie Lee

Kathie Lee Gifford’s autobiography, Just When I Thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg: Life and Other Calamities, is available for $14.12 on Amazon.com.

Our calculations show that she has made a staggering $15,000 in sales revenue for this book alone since it was published in 2010. Several children’s novels, including The Gift That I Can Give, Party Animals, The Legend of Messy M’Cheany, and The Three Gifts, have also been written by the author.

She has written works for both adults and young adults, such as I Can’t Believe I Said That and The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi.

She has also released music CDs including Born For You, Gentle Grace, and Scandalous in addition to books.

It is claimed that she has made over $1 million from her music and books combined, but keep in mind that some of them are still available on numerous websites and in real-world stores.

Homes of Kathie Lee Gifford

We shouldn’t expect anything less than luxury from a woman with so much going on in her life when it comes to her home! Gifford undoubtedly cherished her $10.5 million Florida property, but in April 2018 she listed it for sale.

The eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom Mediterranean-style house was bought by her and her late husband Frank Gifford in 1998 for about $4.0 million.

The waterfront property is 11,400 square feet large and has three fully-serviced floors. The house is surrounded by nature and has private access to a pier where you can park a small boat or jet ski.

The open architecture of the South Florida house, which faces out over Card Sound in Key Largo, somehow draws the eye.

Gifford, however, has made a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, which she and Frank paid $7.8 million for, her primary residence since 1994.

The residence is a 13,000-square-foot gilded palace with a tennis court, a swimming pool, a terrace with a breathtaking view, nine bedrooms, and ten bathrooms.

Kathie Lee Gifford Makes a Fortune from Her Wine Business

Did you know that KLG owned the Gifft Wines brand? You may get a wide variety of wines from Gifford and her partner Scheid Family Wines, ranging from Rose to Pinot Grigio.

Gift Wines are sold on online marketplaces like Wine.com for a price per bottle that ranges from $14 to $17.

Although specific sales figures are impossible to establish, it is safe to conclude Gifford is making thousands of dollars from the winery.

The wines have received a lot of press attention over the past four years, in addition to her active promotion of the brand on her official Instagram profile.

Here is how Kathie Lee Gifford stacks up against her peers.

TV AnchorNet Worth
Kathie Lee Gifford$40.0 million
Jenna Bush Hager$8.0 million
Savannah Guthrie$20.0 million
Hoda Kotb$30.0 million
Al Roker$60.0 million
Regis Philbin$150.0 million

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