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Kate Bosworth Stated That She Used Colored Contacts To Conceal Her Heterochromia

Kate Bosworth

Both of Kate Bosworth’s roles in the films Blue Crush and Bobby Darin’s memoir Beyond The Sea brought her international recognition. The actress is particularly well-known for her strangely colored eyes, which are the result of a condition known as heterochromia iridium.

The illness is a hereditary and infrequently acquired ailment that causes the eyes of a person to be different hues. This tiny anomaly is extremely rare, affecting less than 1% of the global population. The sickness could manifest in three ways.

Complete heterochromia is when both irises have a different color; segmental heterochromia is when one iris has a distinct color segment; and central heterochromia is when the irises are the same color but have a ring of a different color around the pupils. The left eye of Bosworth is blue, whilst the right eye is hazel with a blue tinge.

Kate Bosworth hid her heterochromia by wearing contact lenses

This is a new development, but she now embraces her unique characteristic. Bosworth told The Sydney Morning Herald that her problem was a fault and that she was more aware of it “when the light is absolutely gray.”

She wore contact lenses for the bulk of her career, especially when she first came to Hollywood, to mask her condition. However, it wasn’t necessarily because she wanted to Cast agents and directors required Bosworth to wear colored contacts during filming to “even out” her eye color and make her eyes appear less weird.

According to The Things, her acting talents were hindered for a decade by the negative response to her distinctive feature.

Kate Bosworth is advised to embrace her natural eye color

She eventually found a casting director who was indifferent to her impairment and urged her to embrace it. When she came to Australia in 2006 to film Superman Returns, she met director Bryan Singer, who suggested she remove her contact lenses and appear natural.

“When I initially arrived in Australia, one of the first things I had to do was a screen test for my eyes with a wig and a costume to determine if Bryan wanted to keep them as they are.”

The actress stated as much in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald in July of 2006. Surprisingly, the director’s decision had an effect on more than just how Lois Lane was perceived.

It also increased the visibility of people with different eye colors, leading to the production of Lois Lane dolls with mismatched eyes. The actress expressed amazement in the interview that the dolls resembled her.

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