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Jung Hae-in Will Be Cast As One Of The Lead

Jung Hae

Connect, a new mystery-thriller K-drama on Disney+ has debuted its official posters and teaser.

The program, which features Go Kyung-Pyo from Private Lives as the primary antagonist and Snowdrop’s Jung Hae-in as the main protagonist, is sure to impress viewers with its horrifying story. The teaser teases the next violent confrontation between Jung Hae-in, a race different from Homo Sapiens, and Go Kyun-Pyo, who develops into a serial murderer. The female lead, Kim Hye-Joo, can also be seen in action at Jung Hae-side. in’s

A Disney+ original series based on the same-named webtoon, the upcoming program will air soon. It depicts the tale of the “Connect” race, a brand-new race with an eternal body. One such person, Dong Soo, is abducted by organ collectors and suffers the loss of one of his eyes as a result.

A few months later, he learns that the eye he had lost had been transplanted into an out-of-control serial murderer in Korea, sparking considerable debate. As he begins to look for the serial killer, Dong Soo makes a vow to right the wrongs brought on by his misuse of power.

Connect will be directed by Takashi Miike

Connect will be helmed by renowned director Takashi Miike, who has a large following internationally. His debut Korean-language production will be this.

The expectation is high for a gripping mystery with Miike’s distinctive mise-en-scene. Dong Soo is transported by Jung Hae-in from the Connect to the screen. The protagonist becomes involved in an unforeseen situation while pursuing a serial killer and begins to display a wide range of emotions.

The main character of the show, Jung Hae-in, is expected to make a stunning change and exhibit a side of himself that he has never before displayed. Go Kyung-Pyo will play Jin Seop, a serial killer who unwittingly catches Dong Soo’s attention and has impressed fans with his dramatic versatility.

The persona has two faces, just like Janus. He appears to be a model employee on the outside, but the drama is made more suspenseful by the fact that he also has a side that no one could have expected.

Dong Soo, who plays Jung’s Hae character, is shown looking directly at the viewer in the advertising poster. The billboard shows this impending confrontation between him and the notorious serial killer Jin Seop as Jin Seop crosses over Dong Soo.

The poster also includes Lee Rang (played by Kim Hye-Joon), Dong Soo’s assistant who is aware of his powers and secrets. The launch of Connect on Disney+ is scheduled for December 7, 2022.

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