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Josh Richards Thought Jaden Hossler Attempted To Pick A Fight With Him

Josh Richards

On July 27, 2022, a new episode of the BFFs podcast was posted to their YouTube account. In this episode, they discussed the Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards drama as well as the three-way drama involving Chase Hudson, Charli D’Amelio, and Landon Barker.

Richards shared details about their interactions behind the scenes as one of the show’s major hosts.

After being seen together at the same party, the separated couple released a TikTok to baby Keem’s “Honest” lyrics.

Many people mistook his lines about “[sleeping with] my ex, we ain’t apologize” for a reference to Nessa Barrett.

Hossler replied in the comments, “One of you did,” and then went on a Twitter rant, pleading with people to stop talking bad about him if they were too afraid to do so in person.

Fans believed he was ranting against Richards. The latter did not reply, but he disclosed that Hossler had made contact with him in the most recent instance.

Jaden Hossler was attempting to pick a fight, according to Josh Richards. Richards described events that took place at the party in the podcast.

The host said that he was so inebriated that he could not recall seeing Hossler, but Gavin and Sam informed him that Hossler had passed by them.

Richards had been discussing enterprises with someone else when Hossler and a group of people passed by.

The “Comatose” singer paused and regarded Richards, Gavin, and Sam with an almost combative expression. But when Richards’ buddies moved forward, he turned and left.

When host Brianna LaPaglia questioned Richards about whether Hossler was actually attempting to cause a fight, the former Sway Boy responded that he wasn’t sure.

Everyone at the party appeared to be having a wonderful time, according to Tana Mongeau, who was also there and a guest throughout the episode.

Richards, Hossler, and Barrett were the friends she hung out with, and they all appeared to be having fun. Richards thought Hossler’s Twitter rant, which he posted after the party, was meant at him.

Josh Richards discusses the drama with Jaden Hossler in detail

Richards went on to add that Hossler tried to contact him via Instagram but that the BFFs host was at a loss for words.

The host continued by saying that Hossler had previously heard everything he had to say when the rock singer and Barrett met last year.

Richards disregarded the performer as a result, but Hossler made a comment on his TikTok to grab his attention.

He said, “I knew if I commented that [crap] you would answer my DM,” and I replied, “If you’re upset, go compose a song about it, haha,” and that was pretty much it.

The singer of “Comatose” then sent him a DMed asking whether Barrett was his girlfriend.

Richards explained his single status and retorted it was untrue. Mongeau then offered that they box, but Richards was against it because he believed Hossler would receive excessive positive press as a result of the contest.

The host implied that Hossler was already going through a professional rut and that he wasn’t kind and understanding enough to bail him out.

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