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Josefa Salinas

Josefa Salinas

Josefa Salinas is a well-known American on-air radio personality, social media influencer, producer, author, motivational speaker, content creator, celebrity spouse, and businesswoman from Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

She was born on October 22, 1969, at the age of 53. She is most known in the nation for being Coolio’s former wife. Let me tell you about the well-known American rapper, record producer, and actor known as Coolio.

Contrarily, his ex-wife Josefa is a well-known producer, social media influencer, and radio host. She is currently employed with Gold Coast Broadcasting as an on-air personality, according to her LinkedIn page. We give you details about Josefa Salinas in this article.

Who is Josefa Salinas?

Josefa, the ex-wife of Coolio, is a well-known radio producer and host. She also held radio host positions at Gold Coast Broadcasting, Old School 104.7, and other stations, according to her Facebook profile. She writes and speaks about motivation as well.

Additionally, Salinas founded The Power of Excellence in 1995 and has served as its executive director ever since. She is also the CEO of Salinas Media & Communications and Crystal Dragon Entertainment Inc., both of which are thriving businesses.

Josefa Salinas has also held a host position at HOT 92.3 during her career. She is also most known for being Coolio’s ex-wife. The most recent reports indicate that renowned rapper Coolio, real name Artis Leon Ivey Jr., passed away on September 28, 2022, at the age of 59.

Where was Josefa Salinas? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Josefa is a well-known radio host. After extensive study, we discovered that Salinas was born on October 22, 1969. (Wednesday). She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, in the US. The media has reported that Josefa is 53 years old (as of 2022).

She cuts her birthday cake on the 22nd of every October, according to her Twitter page. We discovered Josefa attended the College of San Mateo and earned her degree in television and radio broadcasting after looking at her LinkedIn profile.

Josefa Salinas also finished her Mount Saint Mary’s University course on film and social justice. She also enrolled at The University of Michigan to study political science and psychology. She then began her career as a radio broadcaster on-air.

Salinas was raised in a stable family. According to sources, Josefa is of mixed race and practices Christianity. Her parents and siblings’ precise names are unknown to us. Additionally, Josefa posted numerous photos of her parents on her Facebook profile.

We discovered that her father was a professor after reading the posts. Her mother ran the household. Along with her siblings and cousins, she spent her early years in California. She once sent her dad a link to a post that read:

PaPá, Happy Heavenly Father’s Day! Every day, every mountain top, every issue, every victory—everything in my life is founded on the fundamental lessons you instilled in me the moment I was born.

to possess honesty, respect, faith, curiosity, and tenacity. Never forget to always seek information. to constantly maintain the tiny girl that is inside of me. to always be in the community’s service to prioritize my family above all else. to support them in good times and bad. I’m grateful, dad. May you live in peace. Send it on.

Is Josefa Salinas Married? Relationship

As Artis Leon Ivey Jr., aka Coolio’s ex-wife, Josefa is well recognized around the nation. The Sun claims that both Coolio and Josefa first met in 1987. The couple then began dating one another. The couple was married in 1996 after nearly ten years of dating.

The parents of 4 children, consisting of 3 daughters and 1 son, are Josefa and Coolio. Artista Ivey, Brandi Ivey, Jackie Ivey, and Artis Ivey III are the names of their children (son). She has a son named Melan Salinas, at least according to her Facebook profile.

Josefa also enjoys spending time with her children. However, accurate information regarding Salinas’s present romantic situation is not yet available. Her ex-husband Coolio passed away on September 28, 2022, at the age of 59.

How did Josefa Salinas start her Professional Career?

Talking about her career then, Josefa is a professional on-air personality and producer. She started her career as a radio jockey. According to her LinkedIn page, Josefa began her employment as a Community Outreach Consultant at all this for 4 months. Later, she entered Latina Global Leadership Program.

In January 2001, she started working as a professional On Air Personality, Producer, and Host of a Talk Show on HOT 92.3. In August 2016, Salinas started working as a full-time On-Air Personality at Gold Coast Broadcasting. Apart from this, she also worked at Old School 104.7.

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