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Jose Rangel Was Found Guilty In The Murder Of Lesly Palacio

Jose Rangel

For his involvement in the alleged homicide case, José Rangel, the father of a Las Vegas man wanted in connection with the murder of Lesly Palacio in 2020, received a two-year prison term in 2021.

In June of last year, Rangel, who was 46 at the time, pleaded guilty to participating in Palacio’s assassination, according to sources. Rangel admitted during his prosecution that he assisted his son Erick in removing Palacio’s body from the house.

He claimed that after that, the victim’s body was dumped somewhere far from the Valley of Fire. The two were seen on surveillance footage “dragging” her body into a pickup truck and out of the house.

Officials believe the two fled within 48 hours of the alleged homicide, and Erick is still at large. Jose was arrested close to the border with Mexico a month before his trial.

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About a year ago, José Rangel received a two-year prison term at the Clark County Detention Facility. On April 28 of this year, Rangel was released from custody, according to a Las Vegas Metro police officer.

Rangel was earlier found guilty in the Lesly Palacio case after video evidence showed him encouraging his now-fugitive son, Erick Rangel-Ibarra.

He was observed helping his son move Palacio’s remains from their Tipper Avenue home and load it onto a vehicle on August 29, 2020. Other recordings contained incriminating information that placed his child at the center of the murder probe.

Rangel, Jos

Records indicate that blood stains and damning evidence were visible on crime scene photos taken from inside the home, although the source of the blood has not yet been established. Authorities also displayed photos of gloves and cleaning supplies found inside the house during the probe.

Court records state that Rangel initially told authorities that Palacio overdosed at their house but later changed his story to say that he saw his son Erick carry Lesly Palacio’s dead body, which was allegedly wrapped in a bedsheet, down the steps. Jose Rangel apologized to Lesly Palacio’s family during his court hearing.

“I’m truly sorry. May serenity come to her. I can relate to their suffering, and it makes me feel terrible to know that I failed as a father and destroyed two wonderful families.

“I realize what I did wrong. feel extremely ashamed that this incident happened and that I, as a parent, acted in this way and delayed reporting it to the police. was won over by my enthusiasm for having children. I had no idea what to do because I was so anxious. It was treachery, that. I made the wrong decision.

Jose Rangel informed the detectives that he and his son left the nation shortly after the incident. They allegedly traveled to the border with Mexico and dispersed. Rangel was later found and admitted to aiding in the concealment of the body and being an accessory to murder. He served about nine months in prison before being released.

Lesly Palacio’s relatives spoke up in the courtroom during Jose Rangel’s trial in 2021.
The sentence given to Jose Rangel at his court appearance in 2021 drew the ire of Lesly Palacio’s younger sister, Nayelli Palacio. As stated by Nayelli:

“It pains me that someone could harm my sister in this way and only be sentenced to two years in jail. Knowing Lesly, you would understand that she didn’t deserve it. She had no justification for having her life taken from her.

According to Chief Deputy District Attorney John Giordani, the Rangels had known her for 14 years, and Erick’s father was allegedly present at the house when she was killed. Giordani urged lawmakers to increase the severity of the penalties for future comparable offenses.

The Nevada Legislature must move because it should not be a misdemeanor to dispose of a young girl’s body and treat her like trash. And it shouldn’t be a misdemeanor to assist a murderer after he has done such a heinous act.

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