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Jermeir Stroud’s Love Triangle Turned Murderous

Jermeir Stroud

Jermeir Stroud, a police officer, came to the notice of the media after a murder case dominated the national headlines in 2007.

While the cop was about to marry Denita Monique Smith, she was brutally murdered by his secret girlfriend before Denita could become Jermeir’s wife.

After Dateline NBC unearthed the murder case years later, the internet was flooded with questions about the case and what happened to the people involved.

A love triangle turned a wedding into a murder investigation.

Jermeir’s love affair did not end well for his late fiancée Denita. Even though he proposed to Denita, his secret girlfriend, Shannon Elizabeth Crawley, couldn’t abide seeing him with another woman.

Shannon’s jealousy took over, resulting in a carnage before Denita could imagine herself in a white bridal gown.

According to the Inquisitor investigation, the murder occurred on July 4, 2007, in Durham, North Carolina, when Shannon shot and killed Denita because she envied her connection with Jermier.

Demita was 25 years old and a graduate student at North Carolina Central University when she died. Furthermore, she had only recently begun her career in journalism and photography, having received a scholarship from the New York Times.

It only took one bullet to shatter Demita’s lifelong desire and her dream of enjoying a happy married life with Jermeir, who was never faithful to her.

Jermeir Stroud and Denita’s relationship began in college when they began dating. After six years of dating, the police officer asked Denita the big question, and she was overjoyed to start a family with him.

Unfortunately, the situation occurred a few months following the proposal. Denita was discovered dead in her building by a campus crossing resident, Corey Smith, who immediately phoned the police, but she had already died by the time they arrived.

What became of Shannon Elizabeth Crawley?

While all of the evidence pointed to Shannon as the murderer, she claimed that Jermier was with her during the trial, collaborating in the murder of his could-have-been wife.

Shannon alleged Jermeir shot Denita following a heated dispute, according to Case Text.

Shannon pleaded not guilty during her trial, maintaining her innocence. She also made a bogus complaint that Jemier had raped her.

Because none of the evidence corroborated her claim, the jury returned a verdict finding her guilty of the crime. Shannon is currently serving a life term in jail, according to the jurisdiction.

Jermeir Stroud’s Current Location

Jermeir Stroud’s life has been flipped upside down since the murder case. Nonetheless, he remained in the spotlight for several years.

However, to retain anonymity, he leads a low-key personal life. He is, however, married and has children.

Even though the murder case was over a decade ago, the story still echoes and flames from time to time. The traumatic occurrence has left Jermeir with enduring consequences, no matter how happy he is with his new family.

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