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Jennie Gets Hate Message After Expressing Her Support For Korean Skater Hwang Dae-heon


Millions of people throughout the world, including Jennie of BLACKPINK, watched the just concluded Winter Olympics in Beijing.

On the other hand, Chinese fans appear to have misunderstood the idol’s support for the Korean athlete Hwang Dae-Heon as they flooded the singer’s Instagram comment section with venomous remarks.

South Korea’s first gold medal was won by Hwang Dae-Heon in the 1,500-meter short-track speed competition. In the 5000-meter fast track relay team, the athlete also won a silver medal. The athlete’s triumph made his nation proud, but many Chinese Olympic spectators were furious.

Throughout the Olympics, tensions between South Korea and China have reached an all-time high, with people and athletes from the two nations frequently fighting on and off the field. As Chinese internet users appear to be targeting the well-known star, Jennie finds herself amid this upheaval.

Recently, according to Hwang Dae-Heon, the BLACKPINK singer sent him a message of congratulations following his gold medal. The athlete, who is said to have been a longtime admirer of Jennie, gushed in an interview over the singer’s inspiring words, saying,

In a letter of congratulations, our team doctor stated, “I enjoyed watching your fantastic game. Congratulations on winning the gold medal, and do your best to stay healthy. I was shocked by that. It felt wonderful. Jennie exudes a (charismatic) air. Her dancing and presentation during her concert are amazing.

Immediately after the interview aired, Jennie’s most recent Instagram post received a flood of derogatory comments from accounts that appeared to belong to Chinese internet users. Many people seem to disagree with Jennie’s endorsement of the athlete, calling her support of a “cheat” a source of discontent.

Hwang Dae-Heon was disqualified from the men’s 500m semifinals at the 2022 Olympics after colliding with another skater. In the comments area, a lot of Chinese internet users called this incident “cheating.”

Numerous Korean and international fans of the idol and BLACKPINK responded to the hateful comments by posting supportive messages and comments on the image to drown out the insults.

This is not the first time Chinese internet users have defamed a Korean idol during the previous Olympics. BTS leader RM encountered criticism for his backing of the Korean short-track skating team in the early days of the Olympics.

Chinese citizens found the idol’s message offensive, and all comments on BTS’ official Instagram account were removed (comments are not permitted on RM’s account). On the other hand, Korean internet users severely criticized China’s Ningning for showing support for the nation’s short-track speed skating team after they won their first Olympic gold medal.

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