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Jeff Lewis And Jenni Pulos Relationship

Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis is well-known for presenting the Bravo TV reality program Flipping Out. Lewis studied political science before going into real estate. He was extremely successful and branched out into interior design. In its July 2007 premiere, Flipping Out highlighted Lewis’ interior design company and his flipping endeavors.

From the very beginning of Flipping Out, Jenni Pulos was a regular. She began as Lewis’ assistant but advanced to the executive producer as the show developed. Jenni and Jeff, however, experienced a severe falling out in the 11th season of Flipping Out.

Jenni claims that she didn’t think Jeff would fire her

Jenni claims that she didn’t think Jeff would fire her since she thought of herself as a valuable asset. Before Flipping Out even began, Jeff and Jenni were already close friends. They had been friends for twenty years before the argument.

Although the reason for the couple’s breakup is unknown, it is thought that a contentious disagreement they had on Jenni’s career served as the catalyst. Pulos said that working at Lewis’ design firm prohibited her from following her acting dream, which sparked the disagreement.

A few days later, Jeff fired Jenni from her position within the company. Jenni was baffled by Jeff’s response to the news when it first came out.

On social media, he crossed out her face and added an X, saying Jenni hadn’t worked in years and that they had manufactured their professional connection for the show. In a People interview, Jenni refuted his other allegations that she had sued him for his place of employment.

Jenni acknowledged that she believed she was an important asset to Jeff’s business

Jenni acknowledged that she believed she was an important asset to Jeff’s business and promised to see the program through.

“I found it to be confusing. He instructed me to go do my thing, she added, according to People. “We have different perspectives. I guess he thought differently than I did about whether or not I had been a benefit to his company.

Jenni admitted to People that she was surprised by the firing, but she had no animosity toward Lewis. She stated, “I’ve always wished him the best and will continue to do so.

Jenni wasn’t ready for reconciliation, according to Jeff, despite his efforts.

In December 2019, Lewis made the first mention of him and Jenni getting back together when appearing on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show. He declared that he believed reconciliation to be “inevitable.”

Lewis claimed that he had written Jenni a note to make things right many weeks later

He admitted on Jeff Lewis Live that he had asked Jenni if she would be amenable to meeting with them and talking about their problems. He continued by saying that Jenni hadn’t responded and that he believed she wasn’t prepared for a reunion.

Lewis continued by saying that he would respect any choice Jenni made regarding their relationship. He stated:

“I don’t want anything from her in exchange. I want to make amends to her and tell her everything I’m sorry for, but I won’t do that by asking, “Well, what are you sorry for?” That need to take place in her own time… We’ve been together for a very, very long time. She resembles my sister.

Lewis revealed Jenni altered following her divorce from Chris Elwood in 2008 on a later episode of his radio show.

Then, he continued, “there was an outpouring, a big outpour of sympathy when her spouse left her, and it was tragic, around season 2 or season 3.” And it nearly seems as though she turned into a victim on video.

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