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Jason Weaver Net Worth 2022:”The Lion King” Keeps Increasing The Simba Voice Actor’s Wealth

Jason Weaver

Jason Weaver is the original singer for The Lion King, and he has amassed a significant fortune as a result.

Jason Weaver, one of Hollywood’s most underappreciated performers and a brilliant entertainer, provided the voice of Young Simba in the original 1994 Disney film.

Recently, it was made public that Weaver turned down a sizable one-time payment from the film in favor of a consistent income of royalties.

And it made him wealthy enough to raise his estimated net worth to $4.0 million in 2019. How wealthy is Jason Weaver exactly? His burgeoning career has been followed right here.

Mother of Jason Weaver Sings TV Commercials

In Holland, Michigan, on July 18, 1979, Jason Michael Weaver was born. The main vocalist for the Chicago-based female vocal duo Kitty & the Haywoods is his mother, Marilyn “Kitty” Haywood.

Kitty, her sisters Vivian and Mary Ann, and subsequently Cynthia, Vivian’s daughter, made comprised the group. Before working as backup vocalists for performers like Quincy Jones, Curtis Mayfield, and Aretha Franklin, they began as commercial singers for TV jingles.

The Ohio Players wrote and produced their debut album, Love Shock, which was made available in 1977. Kitty & the Haywoods left the music industry after a second album, Excuse Me, I’ve Got a Life to Catch and some modest success.

But it wasn’t the end of Kitty Haywood’s relationship with the music business. Jason Weaver, her son, would begin his entertainment career at a young age.

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Weaver Began as a Young Artist

Jason Weaver began his career as a child model at the young age of five. He appeared in advertisements for a fast-food chain and a beverage company back then.

He quickly advanced to more significant acting roles, including in The Kid Who Loved Christmas (1990), an old Oprah Winfrey television program, and Brewster Place. Later, in the 1992 miniseries The Jacksons: An American Dream, he played a young Michael Jackson.

In the 1990s sitcom Thea, in which Jason and his mother had recently relocated to California, he had a recurrent role. In the center of the entertainment industry, he blended his studies with a burgeoning profession.

The Lion King Brings in Royalties for Weaver

While on location for The Jacksons: An American Dream, Sir Elton John heard a young Weaver perform. The Lion King’s music director then chose a 13-year-old Weaver to play the voice of young Simba, giving him his big break.

Weaver’s career’s first significant salary came from the movie. And given that the classic film is still a fan favorite more than two decades later, he is still reaping the financial benefits.

If he had accepted Disney’s initial offer, it would not have happened. Weaver recently revealed to Vlad TV that he received a flat offer of $2.0 million for the film.

Weaver recalled, “I think it was like $2 million.” “Remember that they just finished Beauty and the Beast. They just finished watching Aladdin. Disney offered bread

However, Kitty Haywood determined that her then-young son would gain from a long-term compensation plan when she was negotiating on his behalf.

Weaver remembered, “Disney had a reputation for re-releasing everything.

“I believe Sleeping Beauty and some of their older catalog from when Walt Disney was alive were published at that time.

She [Weaver’s mother] was able to see the playing field and ask, “Wait a minute, this is going to make a lot of money over time, so what happens when my son is 40?” They were releasing that thing at the same time as they were releasing the new Disney stuff.

When they eventually re-release this, will he be able to obtain a check for it?

Weaver received $100,000 upfront and a portion of earnings for life thanks to Haywood’s masterful negotiating skills. Although his exact percentage is unknown, he is said to have made more than $1.9 million, surpassing the $2.0 million that was offered to him.

Disney re-released The Lion King multiple times in the past 25 years, notably in 2002 for IMAX and in 3D in 2011. This indicates that Haywood had good foresight. He offers his mother a portion of the royalties as a token of his appreciation.

Weaver’s Debut Album was Released in 1995.

Weaver pursued his interests in singing and acting while the Lion King’s profits continued to flow in. He appeared in the films ATL, The Ladykillers, and Drumline. Additionally, he made an appearance in the music videos for The-“Make Dream’s Up Bag” and Crime Mob’s “Rock Yo Hips.”

In 1995, Weaver’s Love Ambition CD was made available through Motown Records. He was a featured artist on Chingy’s “One Call Away” in 2003, and he also made an appearance in the song’s music video.

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