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James Acaster Girlfriend, Married Life, and Divorce

James Acaster

James Acaster has completed his first film role in a musical adaptation of Cinderella, demonstrating that no one understands what they want to do until they are in the midst of it.

After specializing in music, he worked as a musician for a time. He did, however, do comedy in his spare time.

Cinderella, produced by Corden’s firm Fulwell 73 for Sony, will be released on Amazon Prime on September 3rd.

Even if his sense of humor isn’t for everyone, he made a career out of it once he learned he could make others laugh. And he’s now making his acting debut! Best wishes to the rising star!

Where was James Acaster born? Nationality, Family, Education

James William Acaster was born in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, on January 9, 1985. His family and siblings’ whereabouts are unknown.

He attended Montagu Secondary School in Kettering before attending Northampton College in the United Kingdom to study music. When it comes to stature, Acaster is a lanky man. He is on the smaller side of the average English man’s height and weight.

The comedian tried music before becoming the celebrity that he is now.

Northamptonshire bands he played drums for were Pindrop, Three Line Whip, The New Hardcore Skiffle Movement, The Capri-Sun Quartet, and The Wow! Scenario.

He debuted as a comic in 2009, with a performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe alongside comedians Josh Widdicombe and Nick Helm.

He’s since performed in a variety of venues, hosted several shows, and appeared as a guest on several others.

After nearly a decade, Acaster is still doing well for himself. He won the best show award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2019.

Given that his gigs are frequently sold out, he has established quite a name for himself. In addition, the comedian has amassed enough wealth to live a luxurious life.

Is James Acaster Single? Relationship, Girlfriend

James Acaster
                                      James Acaster(source: Yahoo News Singapore)

A year after his divorce from Louise, Acaster began dating another entertainer, Rose Matafeo. In 2014, they met on a comedy tour in New Zealand. They have managed to maintain a long-distance romance since then.

But the couple was so in love that Rose relocated to the UK to live with her partner in 2015.

Anyone who witnessed their chemistry would have believed they would marry and call each other husband and wife. Despite their bond, the pair discontinued their relationship.

Neither of them stated anything about the causes of the divorce. The world learned about the breakup only after Rose revealed him as her then-boyfriend in an interview with The Guardian.

Furthermore, the Brit tweeted in 2017 that he wanted a girlfriend for Christmas, hinting that he was genuinely single.

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His ex-girlfriend dumped him in favor of Mr. Bean

Everyone must endure a few life hurdles before reaching that excellent Eden. However, the comedian’s romances have been the source of his problems.

He was in a relationship with Louise Ford in early 2010. The couple split up for unknown reasons.

However, a newspaper had a surprise for him two years after the divorce. Acaster realized his ex-girlfriend deserted him for Rowan Atkison, better known as Mr. Bean while reading a piece in The Sun.

The comedian then discovered the reason for the breakup. However, after two years together, he had a detached feeling while she worked on a play with Atkinson.

In a March 2019 stand-up routine, he said: that Mr. Bean abandoned men. I discovered out a year after we divorced. I opened the newspaper to find a full-page story. Nobody else in history has ever been left for Mr. Bean. He sounded embarrassed to have been left for Mr. Bean.

His ex-girlfriend is overjoyed to have discovered seasoned actor Rowan Atkinson as her boyfriend. They have a daughter named Isla, who was born in December 2017.

Previously, Atkinson was married to make-up artist Sunetra Sastry. After 24 years of marriage, the husband and wife split up.

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