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Jameela Jamil Quits Twitter After Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Acquisition Deal

Jameela Jamil

After hearing that Elon Musk had bought the social media site, English actress Jameela Jamil declared she was leaving Twitter.

The Tesla owner completed the $44 billion acquisition of the social networking site on April 25. Twitter will become a for-profit business as a result. Before the announcement, Musk, the businessman, urged his “worst detractors” to stay on Twitter for a while.

Some site visitors have stated that they will deactivate their accounts in response to the sale. Former actor and presenter Jamil from A Good Place also declared her desire to leave the platform, citing worries about how the environment will alter under Musk’s management. She shared four images of herself with her pet dog as part of her greeting to her fans.

Yes, he is on Twitter. This should serve as my final tweet, if possible. just *any* justification to display images of Barold. I worry that this free speech initiative will assist this infernal platform in achieving its ultimate state of completely unrestrained prejudice, hatred, and misogyny. I wish you luck. Photo on Twitter: fBDOuEYI3e

Jameela Jamil expressed fear at the end of her farewell address that Musk’s proposed effort to support free speech would encourage even worse behavior on the platform. She had earlier said that she would stop using the website if Musk’s purchase went through.

Jameela Jamil: Who Is She?

On February 25, 1986, Jameela Jamil, a South Asian-born British actor, model, and activist was born. Her father was born in India, while her mother was born in Pakistan. She started as a model and photographer before transitioning into TV program hosting and then acting.

Afterward, Jamil gained notoriety as a philanthropist and outspoken activist. She struggled with her health and had experienced stressful incidents like attacks and accidents.

Before getting a role in the fantasy-comedy The Good Place, which propelled Jameela Jamil to stardom, she was a successful model. She created radio history when she became the first female solo host of the BBC Radio Chart Show. She then established herself as a reputable voice actress.

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