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Jackson Rohm Died And His Death Was Reported In Rosemary Beach

Jackson Rohm

Jackson Rohm, a well-known singer and acoustic guitar player from Rosemary Beach, Florida, died in a terrible accident on January 25, 2023. His family is sad about his death, and people in the Rosemary Beach area are sad about the loss of this artist.

Keep reading this piece to learn more about Jackson Rohm’s death, his personal and professional life, the circumstances of his death, and other things.

Jackson Rohm Died and Was Buried

Jackson Rohm was a well-known singer and acoustic guitar player from Rosemary Beach. He is said to have died on January 25, 2023.

Even though the official reason for his death has not been confirmed, it is said that he died after a brave fight with cancer. Soon, more information about Jackson Rohm’s death and his family members will be made public.

The Rosemary Beach artist is now left by his wife, Theresa Rohm, and his 6-year-old son, Asher. Rohm’s first full-length CD, Twisted & Misguided, came out in 2000. His record Sink or Swim from 2001 sounds like modern rock.

Rohm’s 2003 album Red Light Fever had a version of Concrete Blonde’s “Joey” by the name of “Joey.” Rohm’s fourth CD, Four on the Floor, came out in 2006. The name of the song was made to remember an artist who died in a car accident.

Rohm’s sixth CD, Long Way From Moving On, came out in 2008. His first country record was a change from his first four albums, which were more pop/rock. It was called “Rohm’s best work yet” because he “seems most at home in the country music style.”

Rosemary Beach, Florida Details About Singer Jackson Rohm’s Wife and Children

Jackson Rohm is a well-known singer and acoustic player from Rosemary Beach, Florida. He is also the owner of Jackson Rohm Music. He lived in Rosemary Beach, Florida, at the time, but he was from Jamestown, New York.

Jackson finished high school at Southwestern High School in West Ellicott, New York, in 1989. He then went to Miami University on a track scholarship to study business.

After that, he went to the University of Buffalo in New York to study law. In October 2012, Jackson got married to Theresa Rohm, the founder of Origins Learning Alliance.

The couple had a beautiful boy on October 3, 2016. He is now 6 years old. Rohm finished high school at Southwestern High School in West Ellicott, New York, in the year 1989.

Before going to Miami University on a running scholarship, he thought about going to Cornell University and the University of Virginia. He was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi club when he was in college.

Jackson Rohm’s Work History

Rohm’s first full-length CD, “Twisted & Misguided,” came out in 2000 and was a commercial hit. Then, in 2001, he put out “Sink or Swim,” his second CD. He put out “Red Light Fever” in 2003. It had a cover of “Joey” by Concrete Blondes.

Jackson’s fourth record, “Four on the Floor,” came out in 2006. The title track paid tribute to a musician who had died in a car accident. In 2008, he released his fifth CD, “Long Way From Moving On,” which was his first attempt at country music.

In addition to acoustic versions of some of his older songs, his Nashville-recorded CD “Acoustic Sessions” also had five brand-new songs. Rohm has opened for Sister Hazel and Edwin McCain, among other acts.

His album Acoustic Sessions, which was made in Nashville and included five new songs and acoustic versions of some of his other songs, came out in 2010.

Rohm went back to his rock roots when he and producer Aaron Thompson made the 12-song album Blindsided in Atlanta, Georgia. The record has the happy songs “Blue Skies and Butterflies” and “Superglue,” as well as the title track, which is a ballad he wrote for his wife, whom he married that same year.

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