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Jackson O’Doherty Publically Fights His Girlfriend

Jackson O'Doherty

The prior problems between Jackson O’Doherty and his partner have stirred up quite a media storm. As a result, his partner explained what transpired in their relationship on Instagram.

“I am really sad and quite angry that things have to be made public so quickly.”

Around mid-June 2020, Jackson’s partner revealed the cause of their major argument on her Instagram stories.

Aspects of the Past

Jackson’s partner Maddy Belle was visibly agitated in the video and stated that the argument started when she drunkenly looked through Doherty’s phone. She screamed about how the altercation shouldn’t have been made public and made the implication that Jackson had done it first.

“Until now, I haven’t told a single one of my pals.”

She furthered the explanation by admitting to being shattered and referring to the influencer as her “ex.” In addition, Belle detailed how she spied on her partner’s phone out of insecurity, which made the YouTuber question her loyalty. Doherty believed his spouse was cheating on him as a result of the entire situation. She makes a point of saying, “I have never cheated on my ex or anyone before me,” before turning to Jackson.

Jackson O'Doherty
                    Jackson And His Partner Maddie On A Party (Source Instagram)

Belle continued,

“I’m sorry I did that, and now you’re going to openly do this, but it makes me have very little respect for you, Jackson”.

She further disclosed that they were lawfully wed and that her spouse had desired to wed her to obtain US citizenship. Jackson remained vocal despite the uproar as well. The back-and-forth social media fight did nothing more than fuel the already burning fire.

“I believe you don’t need to do that thing if you are secure,”

According to Jackson’s Instagram tales.

After telling her side of the tale, Maddy said, “I don’t care how anyone perceives me,” while sobbing.

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Do the two remain a unit?

In 2020, Doherty and Maddy Belle began dating. Up until their significant argument, everything between the pair was going smoothly. Soon after, the two met again and worked out whatever problems they had off camera. The newlyweds frequently appear on one other’s social media accounts and have started an Onlyfans page.

Early in February, Jackson discussed the tension that erupted in their relationship with Logan Paul and his co-hosts on their podcast, Impulsive. He discussed how challenging it is to maintain the relationship’s secrecy when you are a well-known individual. Logan Paul disputed his assertion and retorted,

“It’s not that difficult. We are no longer six,”

She is the only girlfriend the Australian YouTuber has had in 26 years, he admitted after admitting his error. Jackson, who is 26 years old, is currently married, and the two frequently post photos of themselves on social media. On the occasion of her husband’s birthday, Belle recently shared several images with him with the caption:

“Even though I can be bothersome at times, I know you still love me, so know that I’ll always be there for you, @itsjackson. I’ll be seeing you soon even though I miss you. Happy birthday! Xoxo”

Despite being wed to his wife, he continues to face gay allegations. But it is primarily because of his relationship with another content provider, Shammi.

Is Jackson’s Best Friend Gay?

When Shammi and Jackson released a sketch with the caption “If you don’t behave a little queer with your Best Friend, you’re not Best Friends,” gay suspicions started to spread. Over 151 thousand people have liked the humorous sketch on Shammi’s Facebook page as of this writing.

The idea of the video was to show how close the “Best Friends” were to one another, not to suggest that any of them were gay. They are just close buddies, and they both have Instagram accounts. However, based on the fact that their most recent Instagram post was from 2018, it appears that they have stopped sharing on social media.

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