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Is the V Shred Scandal a Scam? Why Controversy Exists

Shred Scandal

A well-known fitness business with an emphasis on diets, short exercises, and supplements is called V Shred.

The business states that it has clients in 119 countries, receives 12 million unique visitors every month to its website, and has more than 40,000 university students registered.

The research team at vpnMentor, led by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, made public the data leak involving a misconfigured AWS S3 bucket in 2022, which exposed the personal information of at least 99,000 people.

V Shred responded to the research team on June 1 via Amazon customer support. During a meeting between the Company and researchers, a V Shred team member disputed that there was a concern about the leaking of PII.

Is the V Shred Scandal a Scam?

Customers of VShred who have previously attacked the company are now together creating “Stop VShred” videos.

Following reports of the improperly configured bucket to V Shred and AWS on May 18 and May 20, respectively, V Shred became the owner of the Company materials maintained in the bucket.

Customers discovered the bucket on May 14 and discovered 1.3 million files comprising 606GB of data. There were a total of three files. The CSV files that seemed to be lead-generating lists, customer email lists, and trainer lists were all quite significant.

Numerous media reports Selling “weight loss pills” and other “supplements” with outrageous and unsupported promises, V Shred, a marketing firm with hundreds of workers, specifically targets newcomers who don’t know any better.

the sizeable. The 180MB CSV file contained the PII of tens of thousands of V Shred customers.

All of the customers’ information, including names, home addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, certain Social Security numbers, usernames and passwords for social media accounts, age ranges, genders, and citizenship status, was contained in the files, which also included information on each customer’s ethnicity.

Explaining the V Shred Controversy

According to online publications that are now popular, VShred has been selling the data of his cherished clients, including sensitive and personal information.

Since at least three years ago, ATHLEAN-X has constantly teased him for instructing bad/dangerous activities and copying their material.

One Redditor mentioned how Josh Brett recently released a thorough exposé video on V Shred, inspiring other respectable fitness YouTubers to promote it to their subscribers.

The owner repeatedly added V Shred, at first because they were ripping content from other channels and then because of their bad and probably harmful advice.

Numerous resources, including Company documents, diet manuals, exercise routines, and user images, are still open and available, according to ZDNet’s verification of the open bucket.

Why Is the V Shred Scandal Popular Now?

Due to consumer complaints that PII and private images of fitness clients and trainers were disclosed as a result of a data leak, the V Shred controversy is reportedly trending in the media.

By defending the open bucket’s public status, the fitness center Company only partially solved the problem.

According to Znet, the fitness company V Shed compromised the personally identifiable information (PII) of over 99,000 customers and trainers and has not yet fully and correctly fixed the database leak.

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