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Is Rocco DiSpirito Currently Dating? After Their Mother’s Death, Do The Siblings Argue

Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito is well-known for both his cuisine and the ongoing issues surrounding him, including his romantic life.

The New York City-based chef’s relationship is unknown in many details, but so far, his public activities have generated enough controversy for him.

Is Rocco DiSpirito Married? Relationship

The 54-year-old first started seeing Natalie David, his high school sweetheart. Later, in a private wedding ceremony, Rocco wed Natalie, his then-girlfriend. They have, however, kept their wedding specifics private, thus not much of it is known to the public.

After they got married, Rocco and his wife started having issues, which caused their marriage to fall apart after a while. The pair started along the path to divorce, which became final in 2000. Rocco and his ex-wife have never discussed the circumstances of their divorce.

Rocco DiSpirito
Rocco DiSpirito with his then-fiance, Yvonne Scio (Source- Getty Images)

Following his divorce, Rocco also made news for his new relationships. He dated the Italian actress Yvonne Scio after divorcing his ex-wife.

Later in 2004, after the American restaurateur proposed to Yvonne, Rocco broke up with his fiancée. Everything was unknown who started the break up or why, but it went smoothly for the pair.

Later, in 2006, it was rumored that CNN host Whitney Casey and Rocco DiSpirito were dating. The couple hasn’t talked much about their relationship up to this point. Additionally, in 2008, Rocco was connected to American producer Tracey E. Edmonds.

Similar to Rocco’s previous marriage, Tracey and Rocco haven’t given enough information about their connection.

In February 2008, the couple was seen together at Mercedes-Oscar Benz’s viewing event at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

Tracey afterward began dating Deion Sanders.

As of 2021, there have been no reports concerning the American chef’s romantic relationships, and nothing on his social media accounts indicates that there might be one.

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Rocco’s Story of Successful Weight Loss

The native New Yorker underwent a remarkable weight drop at some point. By adopting part of the healthy advice, he shed 41 pounds while giving up his healthy lifestyle.

Rocco adopted a Mediterranean-style diet, which emphasizes a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. Because he was experiencing certain health difficulties that were causing his cholesterol and blood pressure to rise, Rocco’s diet helped to support a healthy heart.

The chef yelled:

“I appear younger in everyone’s eyes. I see it as a compliment when people assume I’ve had plastic surgery.”

He adds that he exercised twice daily in addition to eating well.

Mother’s Death Leads to Sibling Conflict

Rocco DiSpirito, who was born on November 19, 1966, to Nicolina and Ralph DiSpirito, has always had a passion for food.

For his Italian dishes, Rocco’s mother has been a huge aid, and she frequently appeared on the chef’s show, “The Restaurant.” Sadly, the mother of the American chef passed away in 2013.

The native New Yorker undoubtedly still misses his mother and frequently shares photos of her on social media. However, upon their mother’s passing, the three DiSpirito siblings fought over the estate of their mother.

In order to share their mother’s estate among the three of them, Rocco’s sister Maria, brother Michael, and went through a legal process in 2017.

The estate of Nicolina, which comprises a small Brooklyn apartment building on Pacific Street in East New York, was assigned to the 6 feet 1 inch-tall chef Rocco as administrator. He received half of his mother’s inheritance, while each of his two siblings received 25%.

In addition to his family dramas, Rocco is well-known for his 2003-starting show The Restaurant.

Later in July 2004, his program was cut short because American restaurateur and lawyer Jeffrey Chodorow obtained a court order barring Rocco from going into his own restaurant.

Rocco quit the show after two months, and Laurent Tourondel took his place. We may claim that the well-known chef, who is renowned for his culinary abilities, has a net worth of more than a million dollars.

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