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Is Jordan Leavitt Gay? All About His Sexuality And Love Life

Jordan Leavitt

Jordan Leavitt “The Monkey King” arrived to defeat Paddy Pimblett in front of his home audience, At the O2 Arena. Leavitt revealed to MMA Uncensored that he was planning a unique celebration:

“They’re (the O2 audience) going to get quiet when I complete the fight, so I’m kind of excited,” said the fighter. And when I twerk on them, they’ll probably start rioting.

In addition to his well-known split celebration after a victory, Leavitt occasionally performs a twerk for the crowd if the victory is particularly noteworthy. For instance, after defeating Try Ogden in UFC Vegas, Jordan entertained the crowd by doing a “butt jiggle.”

Jordan’s celebrations have made his fans and raised questions about his sexual orientation.

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Jordan is not Gay, Sexual Orientation Rumors

Jordan’s twerking raised questions about his sexual orientation. He remarked to MMA Uncensored:

The split and twerk I did as part of my post-fight celebration made it more of a butt wiggle. It wasn’t a twerk per se, in my opinion. You know, when I first heard, “You’re the first out homosexual boxer!” I had a great wave and thought, “Okay cool, I think.” I’m not open, I mean.

Leavitt had never gotten male nudes before, Jordan continued, adding that he too had received messages from men attempting to hit on him. He went on:

I have received many spooky posts regarding that. I received images of some portions of the male anatomy that I had never seen before, you know. a split and twerk, all from. All you have to do is that. So, I suppose all you have to do to find a man looking for a man is that.

There are no publicly homosexual UFC competitors, and Leavitt is not gay. The athletic community hasn’t done much to support LGBTQ+ sexual orientations; for instance, when Jeff Molina donned a UFC outfit supporting Pride, he faced a barrage of criticism online.

For all the homophobic men offended by my wearing pride month apparel, here are some fruit cups, Molina wrote on Twitter.

People like Jordan Leavitt want to see a change in MMA culture and for the sport to foster a welcoming atmosphere for all sexual orientations.

Early in June, he posted this on Instagram:

There will eventually be a male UFC fighter who is out gay. That certainly would be interesting. I receive a lot of criticism and attention for being “fruity.” I’m curious how he’ll respond to it. However, the San Francisco 49ers stadium event will feature a gay man as the main attraction. It will occur. What do you think, guys? When do you anticipate it occurring?

Ashlie, Leavitt’s wife, was unfamiliar with MMA when they first began dating.

The first woman he dated, Ashlie Leavitt, didn’t think his career was cool. Ashlie had little knowledge of the MMA scene, according to Jordan, and she had never heard of Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather. Jordan remarked:

She asked,

“Oh, is it serious?,” when I had to inform her, “I do this. She simply accepted my word for it.

She said,

“I’ll back you if you think it’s vital and you think you’ve got it.” And it was said so casually. We’ll have to make sure I can work up to the time we have children, and then you can work part-time, and you’ll figure it out, she added. Then it was over.

Jordan and Ashlie got married in 2019; their child is named Josephine. Jordan said to UFC that he would teach Josephine to always be true to herself, no matter what. This lesson altered Jordan’s outlook on life. He went on:

“I wouldn’t say that it alters the way I go about things since I’ve been getting ready to be a father all along. But I now approach things with a lot more urgency as a result of it. Now that I’m battling for my daughter in addition to myself and my wife, I act a little bit more quickly.

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