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Is Jasmine Guy Married Again? Relationship Timeline With Ex- Husband Terrence Duckett

Jasmine Guy

The actress Jasmine Guy divorced Terrence Duckett in 2008, although she never wedded him. It seems that she has concentrated on her goal and work.

Within the American entertainment world, Jasmine Guy is a well-known figure. With her endless charm and amazing skills, she has been known as one of the best actresses, directors, singers, and dancers.

Since 1982, the native of Boston has been involved in the field. Her roles in television shows and films such as School Daze, A Different World, Dead Like Me, Cats Don’t Dance and Vanished: Searching My Sister have made her well-known.

Regarding her private life, she was formerly married to Terrence Duckett. Ten years have passed since their formal split. Surprising information about Jasmine Guy’s ex-husband has surfaced.

The specifics of the former couple’s relationship and locations are discussed in today’s article.

Is Jasmine Guy Getting Remarried?

Several years have passed since the Hollywood star’s divorce from Terrence Duckett, and admirers all around the globe are wondering whether she’s found love again. Or got married again, Jasmine Guy?

The star of A Different World, nevertheless, seems to have concentrated on her goal and work. She went on to have a more affluent life and to get several honors.

Jasmine has maintained her composure, but Duckett has been living out of the limelight. After being married to the Cats Don’t Dance Actress, he became well-known.

After filing for divorce in 2008 due to irreconcilable differences, he seemed to have made every effort to stay out of the spotlight.

Consequently, there are no hints as to his whereabouts or his romantic history at this time. The ex-husband of Jasmine Guy is an African-American guy who is 59 years old.

The University of Iowa alumnus supposedly held the position of chief strategy officer for a healthcare technology company located in Los Angeles.

He was employed by the same company as a healthcare consultant as of his most recent report.

The timeline of Jasmine Guy’s relationship with her ex-husband, Terrence Duckett

On August 22, 1998, the actress from Dead Like Me and Terrence Duckett were married. The wedding ceremony for the Guy-Duckett pair took place in Boston, Massachusetts.

On March 28th of the following year, Imani Guy Duckett, their daughter, was born.

The ten-year marriage between Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett came to an end in 2008. A court ordered Terrence to pay $1,469 in child support per month for their kid after the former couple’s marriage ended.

The actress reportedly had financial difficulties in May 2010 when her ex-husband stopped making child support payments. According to the records, the ex-husband of Jasmine Guy owes $39,663.

But the man couldn’t serve her ex-husband with the documents, and the court hearing was postponed.

The female celebrity and Terrence had money difficulties on other occasions.

The debt that accrued throughout their marriage compelled her to declare for bankruptcy as a result of the divorce. Duckett allegedly owed the IRS almost $100,000, even though her debt was just $94,000.

Jasmine Guy’s Net Worth

Jasmine Guy has a $4 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The well-known star’s income from her work as an actress, dancer, director, and singer makes up the majority of her wealth.

In A Different World, Jasmine Guy had a $6K weekly wage.

She was up in Atlanta, Georgia’s Collier Heights area, where she was reared by a preacher and a high school teacher. She’s had her fair share of highs and lows in her life.

Jasmine persevered in her hard work and maintained her composure in the face of many obstacles. She is now one of Hollywood’s most successful figures.

In the next few days, we hope the Star has even greater success and prosperity.

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