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Is Jaleel Ahmad White Married Now After Problems With His Girlfriend?

Jaleel Ahmad White

Former Dancing With The Stars contestant Jaleel White claims he was not greeted warmly when he arrived on Family Matters. In a piece provided by TV One, Jaleel discusses his experience playing his most famous character, Steve Urkel.

Quick Biography

What is the Net Worth of Jaleel Ahmad White? Salary, Earnings

The Family Matters star began his acting career at the age of three, with a guest appearance on The Jeffersons in 1984. Furthermore, his successful career has enabled him to amass a hefty net worth of $10 million. His recent acting credits include Atlanta (2016), Celebrity Family Feud (2016), and Survivor’s Remorse (2016).

Jaleel Ahmad White- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Jaleel White was born Jaleel Ahmad White on November 27, 1976, in Culver City, California. White is the only child of Michael White, a dentist, and Gail White, a homemaker who later became his manager.

White attended John Marshall Fundamental High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in 2001 from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Family Matters’ First Impression

During the TV One’s Uncensored teaser, he revealed that the cast did not welcome him because he didn’t know anything about the show and was only supposed to be a guest appearance.

His character, however, became a fan favorite and remained on the show for a long time.

“I was not welcomed into the cast…they knew what it was…

I didn’t think much of it being cast to be on Family Matters because it was supposed to be a one-time thing.”

Later in the preview, White becomes emotional while discussing his onscreen, who died from stomach cancer in 1998.

White conveys-

“Michelle Thomas evolved into a very special person…

I literally can’t say her name without crying.”

The episode aired on Sunday, May 9, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET. Problems with an ex-girlfriend and being accused of assault

Jaleel’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy was a disaster. Although the exact length of their relationship is unknown, some sources claim they started dating in 2006 and split between 2009 and 2011.

Jaleel and Bridget have a daughter named Samaya White, born in 2009. Ahmad was accused of cheating and domestic violence in March 2012, while he was in a relationship with Hardy. Jaleel, according to Hardy, is an abusive cheater.

Hardy stated in an exclusive interview with Star Magazine-

“He is verbally and emotionally abusive.”
He said I’m not working, I don’t have any money, and I’m white trash.
Nothing was true….
He smacked me across the chest, then pushed me into the toilet, which broke.
Water poured through the walls and even into the kitchen downstairs.”

However, in an April 2012 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jaleel denied the abuse, claiming there was no domestic violence. He even stated that Hardy filed the suit as a “ploy” to obtain money from him.

“I’ve never been arrested in my life, and I have no history of violence,” he said.
I’ve never had a cop come to my house.”

Hardy, on the other hand, claimed that Jaleel offered her money in exchange for leaving their daughter with him.

“He texted me and offered me $200,000 to leave our daughter with him and have me go and start my own family,” she explained. He basically tried to bribe me.”We’re done,” I screamed as I returned home.

After dealing with issues from his previous relationship, the former Family Matters star has remained tight-lipped about his personal life.
Some of Jaleel’s fans believe he is married and lives with his secret wife, while others believe he is single and raising his daughter on his own.

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