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Is Gloom Married? All You Need To Know About Kassie Isabelle


Gloom (real name Kassima Isabelle) is well-known for her funny vlogs and gaming videos. She created her first YouTube channel, CloudyApples, in 2011, and via it, she became well-known. She took a two-year sabbatical from posting and succeeded when she did it again. Although Gloom hasn’t updated the CloudyApples channel in four years, it still has over 500K members.

In 2015, Kassima launched the gaming and commentary channel GloomGames. She renamed the channel Gloom as her fan base increased and expanded her offering to include sketches and vlogs. Gloom’s most recent work is centered around the mystery game Among Us, like most well-known internet players.

Where was Gloom born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Gloom was born in Canada on December 19, 1990. She grew up with a younger sister and an older brother. Early in her youth, Gloom’s introverted nature began to garner criticism. She was happiest by herself, and during the period her family was residing in Asia, she didn’t feel all that different.

Everything changed once the family arrived back in Canada, though. Due to her temperament and mixed heritage, Gloom was frequently picked on by bullies. Gloom was unaware that her sister was experiencing the same thing.

When she learned, Gloom and her sister found solace and courage in their shared adversity. As they learned that they had similar hobbies and serious depression in common, their friendship grew even deeper.

Gloom and her sister’s approaches to their illnesses were different. The well-known gamer discovered how to deal with her mental health concerns without using any medication, but her sister found it challenging to do so. She once overdosed on anti-depression medication and had to be hospitalized. She managed to survive that overdose, but Gloom’s sister later killed herself.

Gloom found solace in the overwhelmingly positive comments her sister’s friends had received from her about how helpful her sister had been in helping them resolve their problems.

Gloom and Terry dated for 10 years until Terry proposed to Gloom

Her older brother is how Gloom and Terry first became acquainted. Due to his close friendship with Gloom’s brother, Terry frequently visited Gloom’s home. Terry’s easy humor made Gloom feel attracted to him. She claimed to have taken the initiative and asked him out in a Q&A from September 2016:

It’s a problem that many men experience. It’s like certain energy that guys have when they’re simply naturally humorous and not trying to impress you. They may crack bad jokes, but they don’t wait for you to laugh.

Terry wasn’t attempting to make me laugh or attract my attention when we first met. He was just being himself, and I was attracted to him just by nature. Terry was the one I asked out.

Terry was a continual source of happiness and support for Gloom, which significantly raised the quality of her life. The pair talked about getting married as the years passed, but Gloom reiterated to Terry that he shouldn’t pop the question before he felt ready.

In the couple’s video announcing their engagement, Terry confessed that he had intended to propose to the couple when he was just 24 years old, but his precarious financial circumstances prevented him from doing so.

Terry began covertly creating a ring for Gloom in 2019. He asked Gloom’s pals for assistance in designing a unique ring for his lover of ten years. On a few occasions, Gloom came dangerously close to picking up on the secret operation, but Terry always knew how to detour her away from the scent.

Despite being overburdened by her struggles, she selflessly assisted others

People have reached out to me and told me that my sister has spared them from harming themselves despite her struggles. One of my closest friends credits my sister with saving his life.

She saved so many people from their sinister vices, yet she never put herself first. She spent time with others while treating herself to band-aids.

To educate others on the complexity of mental health disorders, Gloom frequently speaks out about mental health on social media. She dispels falsehoods and misconceptions about the issue and criticizes improper counsel. She tweeted on March 9, 2020, saying:

When influencers advise those who are depressed or anxious to “choose positivity,” it comes to seem as very patronizing. It’s challenging to accomplish that when you’re so stressed out that you’re dissociating. Reminding individuals to “cheer up” is not a method of grounding.

Gloom has always dated men

Gloom has always dated men, but she recently realized that she is pansexual after much meditation. In 2018, Gloom was compelled to consider her sexual orientation after receiving an intriguing but occasionally harsh query from a fan.

Gloom had never felt the need to talk about her sexuality before because it didn’t upset her. She also believed that sexuality is fundamentally a personal matter.

Although she had only ever dated boys, she couldn’t deny that she had occasionally found herself drawn to certain females. Even worse, Gloom said that she had kissed several of the girls for whom she had feelings.

Gloom revealed in a “coming out” video that she wasn’t a lesbian and didn’t think the term “bisexual” applied to her. Being pansexual made her feel more at ease:

“I feel like I’ve never considered gender and sex in terms of being attracted to someone and wanting to be with them all the time in the past. I suppose that gender or sexuality has never stood in the way of me like the people that I like, as that has always been the case, attempting to convey that I almost certainly identify as pansexual by stating that “sexuality is a funny thing, and I don’t exactly know.”

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